Creative Plans For Rusev Revealed After Return To ‘SmackDown Live’

Rusev is still waiting for the green light to return to WWE programming. It’s been reported that he has been on standby for the past few weeks. There was some speculation that he would finally debut for SmackDown Live during the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. When that rumor was debunked, he was rumored to return to WWE television last week. That didn’t happen either, and Rusev continues to wait for his WWE return.

The holdup for The Bulgarian Brute’s return to SmackDown Live was due to a lack of creative plans. There’s been a lot of speculation about him finally entering the World Title picture, but it’s coming to light that the plan for him is to continue his success in the hunt for the United States Championship. It has been reported that Rusev will be re-entering the U.S. Title hunt whenever he returns to “the blue brand” in the near future.

Rusev is expected to make his in-ring return over the weekend during some WWE house shows. He is being scheduled for a Triple Threat Match with Mojo Rawley and Kevin Owens. There is only so long that officials can allow Rusev to sit on the sidelines, but getting back into the U.S. Title picture brings up a few questions.

Rusev Will Reenter the US Title Picture Soon
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The biggest issue is Rusev has already conquered the mid-card division twice. He’s held the U.S. Title for two different runs that were both successful. It’s understandable that the main event scene is overcrowded right now, but the idea of putting him back into the U.S. Title picture is too familiar for him. Many people believe it to be a waste of a return. The only thing that may potentially save the idea is a huge babyface turn for Rusev.

Rusev vs Kevin Owens Would Be An Interesting Feud Of Heel vs Heel
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Rusev getting back into the U.S. Title hunt does not necessarily mean WWE officials are planning for him to enter into a feud with Kevin Owens. On paper, that’s a heel versus heel situation. The WWE Universe could have a hard time connecting to the rivalry, but that also makes it a questionable feud when someone like Tye Dillinger isn’t busy on SmackDown Live at the moment. Rusev could really help in that regard on Tuesdays.

There is no question that The Bulgarian Brute can do some good work in the mid-card. He would have a few new babyfaces to work with, but his momentum seemed to be leading him towards bigger things. Hopefully, Rusev will receive a shot in the main event or in another major feud when the opportunity presents itself.

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