'Longmire' Season 6 Spoilers: Walt, Vic 'Beautiful Ending' Teased, Series To Be Picked Up By Another Channel?

Longmire Season 6 may be the final season of the well-loved series, but fans are, nevertheless, excited about where the story would go and how it will end. More importantly, many are waiting to see what will happen to Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff's characters.

Taylor plays Sheriff Walt Longmire and Sackhoff plays his Deputy Sheriff Vic, who happens to be his love interest. Walt and Vic have always had a complicated relationship. People think that the two characters won't end up together. Whatever fate their relationship will have in Longmire Season 6, Sackhoff promises that it will be "beautiful."

In a Twitter post on June 20, Sackhoff let her followers know that she and the cast of Longmire Season 6 are enjoying their time in New Mexico filming for the final season of the Netflix series.

"Having an amazing filming our final season of #Longmire," the actress wrote.

Sackhoff then teased about what's to come for Walt and Vic.

While Sackhoff may get the hopes up of Walt-Vic shippers, her statement doesn't necessarily mean that Walt and Vic will end up together in Longmire Season 6. As reported by Carter Matt, the "beautiful ending" may simply mean that both will find happiness at the end. Both characters have been through a lot in their personal lives and their jobs and seeing them happy would be great for all the fans.

It's still a big possibility that Longmire's Vic and Walt will end up together, considering that in the books by Craig Johnson, from which the series was based on, both characters did end up together. However, it remains to be seen if Netflix will have its own narrative or stray from the book's plot.

Longmire Season 6 is set to have 10 episodes which will release before this year ends. Although it's sad to know that the series will soon come to its conclusion, fans can still celebrate the show's hype with the annual Longmire Days in Buffalo, Wyoming.

As reported by Wyoming Business Report, Longmire Days will start on July 7 and will go on for three days. The weekend will offer different activities based on the Longmire franchise. Activities include meet and greets with the cast, a street dance, talent show, antique car show, and more. The organizers of the event are expecting 18,000 to 20,000 people to attend this year.

For this year, cast members Robert Taylor, Bailey Chase, John Bishop, A Martinez and Adam Bailey will be making an appearance. Stars of Longmire have been attending the event every year. According to the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce CEO Angela Fox, the stars just enjoy meeting their fans and getting to talk to them.

Longmire Days is celebrated yearly by Longmire fans
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Since Longmire is coming to an end with Season 6, there are questions about the fate of Longmire Days. Fox confirmed that the event will still be held even after the show concludes, but it won't be that massive. But with rumors of a possible Walt Longmire movie or the series getting picked up by a different streaming service or channel, the annual festival might just get bigger.

"It might be smaller once the show ends. But, there's talk of it being moved to another channel or streaming service. We've also heard rumblings of a possible movie, too. There's no telling what will happen, but as long as people want to celebrate Walt Longmire, we'll be here to help them do that."
Are you sad that Longmire is coming to an end? Will you be celebrating Longmire Days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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