'Alaskan Bush People': Ami Brown's Health Scare Spikes Up Ratings To 2.6M Viewers

Alaskan Bush People finally aired the episode that details Ami Brown's health crisis last Wednesday night. More than 2.6 million viewers tuned in to find out what the show has been teasing all along--how sick is Ami Brown?

According to TV By The Numbers, last Wednesday's episode propelled Alaskan Bush People back to the top of the ratings game, beating out other cable shows in its timeslot such as Real Housewives of NYC and Lifetime's Little Women LA.

After weeks and weeks of hinting at the Brown family's "darkest hour," Alaskan Bush People finally confirmed on Wednesday that the family's matriarch, Ami Brown, is seriously ill. Entitled "Faith and Family," the episode showed the Browns facing their biggest challenge yet.

Billy Brown revealed that doctors found nodes on Ami's throat and a mass on her lungs, which they suspect to be cancerous. The doctors then ordered a biopsy while the Browns mull over their options. The family have left Browntown and are now at the UCLA Medical Center in California for Ami's medical procedure.

There have been pressing rumors from Alaskan Bush People fans that Ami has stage four lung cancer. However, the episode neither confirmed nor denied these speculations. Instead, we saw Billy and Ami's children, Matt and Snowbird, talking about their mother's failing health.

"Nobody wants to say the word cancer."

Although Wednesday's episode still hasn't answered whether Ami Brown really has cancer or not, it was still a huge improvement from the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere the week before. Alaskan Bush People received a massive backlash from fans who eagerly tuned in to see the pilot episode on June 14 but were disappointed to see a recap of the previous season.

Many fans expressed their frustration on social media, calling the pilot episode "a waste of their time."

"Give us some ACTUAL NEW footage or kiss what's left of your fan base goodbye," one fan commented on the Alaskan Bush People official Facebook page. Others left even harsher remarks and stated that the show would probably "milk" Ami's condition for ratings and more episodes.


Despite this, the Alaskan Bush People family also received an outpouring of love and concern from their fans. Many left "Prayers for Ami" comments on the show's FB page, rallying the Brown family to pull through in their latest and most difficult battle.

Next week will follow the continuation of Ami's medical diagnosis. Matt's freak accident involving explosives is another storyline fans are hoping to see in the coming episodes.

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 airs every Wednesday, 9 p.m. on Discovery.

[Featured Image by Alaskan Bush People/Twitter]