Brother Gives Poisonous Burgers To His Siblings, Suicide Note Reveals His Family Couldn’t Afford Food

A young man from India, Abhimanyu Kumar, killed himself and his four siblings by feeding them poisoned burgers because his parents couldn’t afford to feed them, the Mirror reported.

According to Indian Express, the family moved from Bihar to Punjab in India for better job possibilities and a better life. The mother had the shock of her life when she woke up around midnight and found five of her seven children unresponsive and her daughter vomiting profusely.

“We are not very well off, but we were living comfortably as a family. We are paying a monthly rent of Rs 3,500 for this accommodation where we are living. We had recently taken a shop for Abhimanyu on a monthly rent of Rs 3,000. We thought that as time passes, our financial condition would improve.”

Abhimanyu, 21, fed the meat, which he loaded up with deadly poison, to his siblings before eating it himself in Kapurthala, Punjab state, northern India.

His siblings, Anu 17, Anshu, 15, Archana, 7, and Anurag, 10, died after eating the poisoned food. All but Abhimanyu and another younger sibling died within minutes of consuming the poison. Abhimanyu and his brother were rushed to the hospital, but the doctors couldn’t save them; they died. Apparently, Abhimanyu offered his mother a burger as well, but she didn’t eat because she wasn’t feeling well.

The young man left a suicide note in his back pocket, which was discovered by police when they investigated the deaths. In the letter, he claimed that he was not happy with how hard his parents had to work to feed such a large family, so he was trying to lessen the load off his family.

The family struggled to make ends meet, and with Abhimanyu and his father Ram Kishore working around the city, they still couldn’t afford food for their large family.

Abhimanyu’s mother, Rita Rani, was home at the time of the incident and was sleeping. She has health problems which prevent her from working and being active.

“All of us, except Aarti, finished dinner at 9 pm. She asked Abhimanyu to bring burger for her. He returned with the burgers around an hour later. He made all of us eat those burgers. I tasted it but found it very bitter, thus left it. Even Aarti could not eat it since she too found it in extremely bad taste. Thus, she too left it, while the rest ate it. Then we fell off to sleep.”

The younger two children were asleep with the mother at the time of the incident, so they didn’t eat any burgers.

The police found a pesticide that they believe was the poison added to the burgers. The police added that Abhimanyu was a sensitive man and he felt bad that his family was struggling so much financially. He thought to kill himself, and his siblings were the answer to the family’s problems.

Brother kills his family by giving them burgers laced with pesticide.

The family cannot understand why Abhimanyu decided to take his life and the lives of his younger siblings. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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