'My Favorite Wedding': Hallmark's Adorable New Movie Stars Maggie Lawson And Paul Greene

My Favorite Wedding rolls out this weekend on the Hallmark Channel. Directed by Mel Damski and written by Keith Calabrese, Gregg Rossen, and Brian Sawyer, My Favorite Wedding is about a skilled female doctor who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. However, her luck may change as she plans her best friend's wedding. According to Parade, My Favorite Wedding stars Maggie Lawson and Paul Greene.

My Favorite Wedding On Hallmark: Synopsis

Dr. Tess Harper is on the hook to attend her best friend's wedding in Chicago for the upcoming weekend. It's a four-day event that will need careful planning. The maid of honor had planned on going to the wedding with her longtime boyfriend, who she was hoping would finally ask for her hand in marriage. However, at the last minute, he cancels to attend a work event with his boss. Disappointed, Tess arrives all alone, and she is prepared to answer uncomfortable questions about why her boyfriend didn't come. Despite her frustration, Dr. Tess is determined to keep an upbeat attitude over the next several days.

In Chicago, Tess meets the best man, Michael. Right away, he rubs her the wrong way. However, they still have to work together, making sure the wedding is successful without putting too much stress on the bride. As problems related to the nuptials arise, Tess uses her skills as a doctor to take control of the situation. Michael is impressed with her resourceful nature, and before long, he becomes attracted to her.

Later, Tess' boyfriend ends up showing up to the wedding, and he offers her a seemingly halfhearted proposal, which leaves her thinking that he isn't the best man for her after all.

Actress Maggie Lawson is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. Before she became an actress, Maggie Lawson was a television personality and youth journalist for a local news station.

My Favorite Wedding is part of June Weddings on the Hallmark Channel. Next month, fans can look forward to Christmas in July movies.

My Favorite Wedding is produced by An All Canadian Entertainment Production in Association With Brad Krevoy Television. Filming for this Hallmark movie feature took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The executive producers are Brad Krevoy and Steve N. White. My Favorite Wedding airs Saturday, June 24, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Hallmark Channel.
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