Vince McMahon Has Reached Out To Hulk Hogan For WWE Return, He May No Longer Be Interested

Will McCormick

For the past several months, rumors regarding Hulk Hogan's status with WWE have been circling in the wake of the lawsuit with Gawker ending in his favor. The WWE Universe assumed it would only be a matter of time before "The Hulkster" made his return to WWE programming. A lot of improvement has been made in the last year, but it seems there are still a couple of surprising things holding up Hogan's return to WWE.

Fightful reports that Hulk Hogan could make his WWE return whenever he wants to do so. It's being said that Vince McMahon has personally reached out to Hogan and expressed interest in bringing him back for some kind of ambassador role. The WWE Universe believed that's exactly what the WWE Hall of Famer has been working toward over the last two years, but Hogan may no longer be interested in a return to WWE.

Apparently, he's unsure if a return is worth the effort because he is financially set after the settlement from the lawsuit with Gawker. Any return to WWE at some point would be for himself, but there could be a lot of hard feelings on his side since the company turned its back on him during his time of need. Hulk is also said to be out of shape, so he would like at least a few months to get into better shape before returning to WWE.

The WWE Universe hasn't forgotten, but his comments that got him into trouble have mostly become water under the bridge now that almost two years have passed. It's understandable why Hogan would be a little cautious about returning to WWE. His role is also important because WWE officials may not want to bring him back in a huge role. It could be something smaller that grows over time to attract less attention to him.

The WWE Universe would be thrilled to see Hulk Hogan back with the company. In all likelihood, he would be welcomed back with open arms. However, it's possible that WWE fans have seen the last of Hulk Hogan on WWE television. In all honesty, he's unlikely to do anything groundbreaking whenever he returns. He could still be useful to the WWE product and help a lot of the young talent in WWE and in the industry overall.

Hulk Hogan is one of the most important professional wrestlers of all time. His name is synonymous with the industry. He will always be valuable, especially to the WWE product. Unfortunately, only time will tell if a WWE return is in his future. Most people believe it's only a matter of time. More than money, a return to WWE would be closure for him. He's reportedly been welcomed back and the fans want him back, but it's up to Hogan.

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