Tori Jenkins: Woman Ordered Out Of Tennessee Pool, Manager Said Her Swimsuit Could Excite Teen Boys

A Tennessee woman, Tori Jenkins, was ordered out of the swimming pool at her Knoxville apartment complex because the manager reportedly thought her swimsuit was too provocative and her “curvy” body in the suit could overly “excite teenage boys.”

Tori Jenkins was wearing a one-piece pink swimsuit. She staunchly objects to the swimsuit being dubbed a thong due to the way it looks from behind. Photos of the Tennessee woman in the swimsuit deemed “inappropriate” by the apartment manager, have now gone viral.

Tyler Newman, Jenkins’ boyfriend, posted photos of the Knoxville woman wearing the swimsuit to social media shortly after she was kicked out of the Smoking Cross Apartments pool. Newman said his girlfriend was completely “humiliated” by being kicked out of the pool.

Jenkins said she was also asked to pose for photos in the swimsuit to prove to her just how inappropriate her attire was, the Daily Mail reports. According to the Tennessee woman, the manager then called her into his office so she could pose for photos of herself in the swimsuit, so she could see how she looked and better understand why the swimsuit was deemed unacceptable.

The Smoking Cross Apartment complex staffer told Jenkins her “thong” bathing suit was not appropriate attire for the swimming pool. Tori, her boyfriend, and five friends had been swimming at the apartment pool for only about three minutes before she was approached by the leasing consultant.

Tori Jenkins said she fully understood how the swimsuit fit and how her body looked in it, noting she had purchased the one-piece swimsuit herself. The leasing consultant then allegedly accused Jenkins of misunderstanding the entire situation because she does not have children of her own.

The Knoxville woman said the manager also told her that he would not want her around his own children. A “normal” swimsuit covers the “whole butt,” the swimming pool leasing consultant allegedly told the ejected swimmer.

Jenkins maintains the Smoking Cross Apartment leasing consultant told her she would have to put on shorts over the pink one-piece swimsuit or change into another suit if she wanted to remain in the water. The pool manager also allegedly claimed he had received multiple complaints about her swim attire after she arrived at the pool, ABC 6 WATE News reports. However, Jenkins stated she was only there for a few minutes.

“I’d just like to say on my own behalf that I’m really amazed by all of the overwhelming support I’ve received,” Tori Jenkins said in a Facebook post.

Jenkins went on to say she felt “s***ty” about herself since the incident happened. She thanked all the well-wishers who commented positively about the swimsuit she was wearing. The young woman said the supportive comments from friends and Facebook posters made moving on from the embarrassing ordeal a lot easier.

What do you think about Tori Jenkins getting kicked out of the Knoxville apartment complex pool and her swimsuit?

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