‘Tiny House Of Terror’: Lifetime Movie Network Silicon Valley Thriller Premiering, Starring Francia Raisa

Tiny House of Terror, the new Lifetime Movie Network thriller, is premiering this Saturday. Tiny House of Terror is about a woman in Silicon Valley who becomes the target of a dangerous stalker in her new home. This most recent LMN flick takes its direction from Paul Shapiro. Sheri Singer is the executive producer. Tiny House of Terror stars Francia Raisa, Nazneen Contractor, and Jesse Hutch.

Tiny House of Terror Synopsis Airing on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)

In Tiny House of Terror audiences meet Samantha Hastings, the wife of a tech mogul. Samantha enjoys living in her beautiful home in Silicon Valley. For their safety, it is outfitted with the latest high-tech gadgets. However, when Samantha’s husband disappears and is later presumed dead, she is frightened beyond belief.

The more she thinks about it, Samantha is sure that his disappearance was no accident. There is no way anyone could have bypassed her elaborate home security system since it is the most sophisticated high-tech system around.

No longer feeling safe in her own home, Samantha packs her things and heads to the countryside, where she has bought a gorgeous rustic home with a cozy feel. However, the peaceful surroundings of her new abode are disrupted once she gets the feeling that someone is watching her.


Samantha tries to stay calm and makes sure all the doors are locked. Soon the television won’t turn off, and the other gadgets start going haywire. Now the widow is sure someone has accessed the grounds of her property. Despite the strange occurrences, she’s not leaving her new home. Now, it’s time for Samantha to face the deranged stalker head on.

Tiny House of Terror definitely has the bare bones of a successful suspense movie. In playing a grieving widow, Francia Raisa, brings out two sides: the vulnerability associated with losing her husband and the inner strength needed to face the fear, conquer it, and carve out a new life for herself.


Lifetime Movie Network’s Tiny House of Terror is produced by Sepia Films and distributed by Just Singer Entertainment and Lifetime Television. The world premiere airs on LMN Saturday, June 24, at 8/7 p.m. Central. A week earlier, the movie Nanny Nightmare aired on LMN.


[Featured Image by Lifetime Television/A+E Networks/Used With Permission]