Jennifer Lopez Claps Back At Haters Who Claim Her Amazing Abs Instagram Pics Were Photoshopped

Joanne Eglash

Jennifer Lopez is still sizzling at 47, proudly posting pictures of herself on Instagram that show everything from her toned tush to her awesome abs. So when some haters claimed that J.Lo's whittled waistline and smooth stomach were the result of Photoshop rather than diet and exercise, Jennifer didn't hesitate to clap back at the trolls.

Lopez has delighted her fans with her frequent posts of her body on Instagram. The most recent pictures have ranged from baring her underboob to flaunting her booty. And while Jennifer occasionally gets a snide comment, the latest round of responses took body hating to a nasty new level.

The saga of Lopez versus the stomach selfie slammers began when the songstress flaunted her impressively sculpted abs in a new photo. J.Lo bared her tummy in crop top sweatshirt from Guess, reported People.

"Ayyyyy," wrote Jennifer for the caption, showing her humor by adding a laughing face emoji.

Lopez, who has two children, has shared the details of her diligence when it comes to working out. She keeps her body in perfect shape by heading to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's classes four to five times a week. J.Lo also is into boxing, which she began to get in shape for her popular TV show, Shades of Blue.

"I always liked [boxing]. It's very hard,'s always been a good workout."

That "good workout" resulted in praise from most of Jennifer's followers.

"I love your fitness," wrote one.

"Woww," exclaimed another.

In addition to gym visits with Alex, boxing, and Tracy's fitness classes, Jennifer is dedicated to following a healthy diet. Although she doesn't deprive herself of her favorite foods, she noted that she's discovered that a good diet is important in her busy life.

"I don't deprive myself," emphasized Lopez. "But I've learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle."

All the evidence that J.Lo works hard for her sleek physique didn't seem to be enough for some people, however. Soon after Jennifer posted her newest Instagram picture of her awesome abs, she was attacked by some haters. But Lopez quickly responded to make sure those individuals were aware that she earned her toned tummy, noted ET.

When Jennifer discovered that some of her followers were sharing their skepticism about the sexy mirror photo selfie that she had posted on Instagram, she took the time to respond to those claiming she had photoshopped the picture of her abs.

"#Photoshop," wrote one cruel commentator.

Not exactly, responded J.Lo, even posting a screenshot of her answer to the haters on Instagram Stories. Lopez pointed out that the so-called Photoshop was actually a smudge on the mirror.

"Omg…Just a smudge on the mirror…lol…not photoshop. #lordblessthehaters."

Describing herself as a "#gymrat" in her clap-back comments, Jennifer also urged the haters to try working out themselves.

"#youshouldtryit #wishtherewasphotoshopforhaters," added Lopez.

One person who's definitely in J.Lo's corner is Rodriguez.

"Jennifer is one of the most brilliant business minds that I've ever met," said Rodriguez recently. "She's the hardest working lady and, you know, I grew up with a single mother. I have two daughters. I am a big, big promoter of women equality."

In discussing why she was attracted to the new comedy, J.Lo made it clear that she believes in the power of women at every age and wants to fight against those who think that getting older means it's time to get out of the way for younger women.

"There are so many things I love about this project and script," said Lopez.

"People try to put women to sleep at a certain age."

In contrast, Second Act focuses on empowering "every woman to do more, to be more, and not limit their dreams," noted J.Lo. The film's romantic comedy category marks a return to the past for Jennifer, who focused on romantic comedies such as The Wedding Planner and Shall We Dance in the era between 2001 and 2005.

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