Dog Brutally Sexually Assaulted With Broom, Piece Of Handle Stuck In Huggles, Reward Offered For Information

A beagle and basset hound mix named Huggles was severely sexually assaulted. It was so brutal that Homeward Trails Animal Rescue said the vets called it the worst case of animal abuse they have ever seen.

According to ABC 7 News, the sexual assault was not clear immediately. In the middle of June, Huggles entered Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and was in severe pain. It appeared that the dog had a uterine infection. The animal rescue organization spayed Huggles and gave her antibiotics. At first, it seemed like she was getting better. However, she quickly became worse. The canine became lethargic and had heavy bleeding from her vulva. Veterinarians had to figure out what was going on with Huggles in order to effectively treat her.

Huggles had an x-ray, which revealed what was causing the symptoms and pain. The dog was sexually assaulted with a broom. The attack was so vicious that a piece of the broom handle broke off and was stuck inside of Huggles. The broken piece of plastic from the broom caused a horrific infection. Shelly de Souza, who is now fostering the dog, talked about finding out what happened to the beagle and basset hound mix. At work, she had to get up from her desk because she felt sick finding out about Huggles' ordeal.

"If this person would do this to a dog you got a very serious person on your hands that I'm sure is evolving into something much more sinister than just an animal."

Veterinarians had to remove the broom handle from Huggles. To get help with the cost of treating the dog, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue set up a Razoo account. They set a goal of raising $4,200 to cover the expenses of Huggles' medical procedures. Thanks to some generous donors, they not only met that goal but surpassed it. So far, 153 people have donated a combined $5,700.

Before coming to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Huggles was a stray that was brought to a shelter located in Isle of Wight County. The rescue organization is working with animal control to try to find the person who sexually assaulted the dog. Homeward Trails and animal control are working on filing an official report. In the meantime, WWMT reported that the shelter is offering a $200 reward for any information about the attacker.

"It's something that is irreprehensible and if we can find the person who did that I would certainly be in favor of them serving jail time."
Huggles is recovering from surgery at her foster home and will hopefully be adopted by a loving family soon.

[Featured Image by Jens Meyer/AP Images]