Gmail Service Goes Down, Also Starts Crashing Chrome Browsers

Google’s Gmail service went down on Monday morning, forcing many Google users to experience outages and slow email load times.

The service went down at approximately noon Eastern time for approximately 10 minutes. Google restored service only to have it fail once again, disabling access to

The Google Gmail mobile service also appeared to fail during the second outage.

A quick look at the website Is It Down? revealed the same outage.

Immediately following the outage, angry Gmail users took to Twitter to discuss the outage. In several cases, users noted that the Gmail problem appeared to be crashing their Google Chrome browser. According to reports, both PC and Mac users were experiencing an error message that read:

“Runtime Error!



This Application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

Google has not immediately responded to the issue, which appears to be widespread across its platform.

The service appears to be operating once again, but mobile users can continue to wait for their email to push onto their devices and sites such as Is It Down? should provide a nice check on the sites status for eager email users should more failures occur.

Sadly, many users have had the same complaint: Their email has went down during finals weeks at school. Talk about inconvenient.