UFO Sightings: Bizarre-Looking Object Captured By Wildlife Photographer In Oshawa, Canada — See Photo

Another UFO sighting has been reported in Canada.

UFO sightings are not a regular occurrence in Oshawa, a city in Ontario, Canada known for its proximity to Lake Ontario shoreline, which is why wildlife photographer Ken Rice was completely taken by surprise when he witnessed a UFO on Saturday, June 21.

At about 7:45 p.m., just when the Oshawa photographer was just getting back to his car after shooting photographs at the marsh area near the General Motors of Canada headquarters, he saw a strange-looking object pop out of nowhere very high up in the sky, far away in the distance.

As previously reported by Durham Region, Rice thought that what he was looking at was a “big turkey vulture” so he took a snap of it anyway.

Rice says he wondered if what he saw was a balloon but immediately dismissed the idea because the object was too high up in the sky and sped away too fast for it to be one.

“I thought it was a big turkey vulture so I just took a picture of it anyway and then it kind of hovered, sat there for a minute and then it took off,” he said.

When he got home, Rice took a closer look at the photo but still had no idea what he had just seen.

“A balloon wouldn’t go that fast and disappear No. 1, and it was too high. Nobody would be flying a kite there because it’s just railroad tracks and the road and there was nobody around there. I didn’t see anybody, and where did it go?”

Ken Rice showed the strange photograph to some of his friends and even posted it on Facebook to see what other people would make of it. No one, however, was able to identify the object in the photograph.

In an effort to figure out what he saw that day, Rice got on the internet to take a look at some pictures of weather balloons. He then decided that the object he saw looked nothing like any weather balloon he saw on the web.

Rice was careful not to come to the conclusion that what he saw was an alien spacecraft, but conceded that he might have witnessed a UFO sighting.

“You hear people all the time with the UFO stuff but a UFO just stands for unidentified flying object — it doesn’t mean aliens — and to me, it’s an unidentified flying object,” he said. “I don’t know what it is.”

As previously reported by the Toronto Sun, the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey — conducted by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research — had recorded a total of 1,131 UFO sightings across Canada last year.

Chris Rutkowski, the study’s author, said that only four percent of UFO sightings recorded last year were unexplained, which is a significant drop in comparison to previous years. He explained that the sudden drop in numbers was the result of a more rigorous approach to studying and verifying raw reports of UFO sightings across the country.

[Featured Image by Ursatii/Shutterstock]