Liam Payne, Ashton Kutcher, And Vanessa Hudgens Play ‘Secret Ingredient’ On ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon is known for playing different games on The Tonight Show and he brought out a new one last night, as Liam Payne, Ashton Kutcher, and Vanessa Hudgens joined him in guessing the secret ingredient in dishes prepared by celebrity chef Mario Batali. These secret ingredients were not enjoyable, as all of the celebrities had puke buckets handy and Liam Payne and Ashton Kutcher put theirs to good use.

For The Tonight Show game, the contestants sat down and got the chance to eat a three-course meal from Batali. He would say what the dish was, but each dish also included a secret ingredient they would have to guess. The game definitely started out on the easier side, but ended with most of them reaching for a puke bucket.

The first course consisted of some Shanghai soup dumplings, which had a secret ingredient of Jagermeister. While none of them got it right, fans gave this one to Liam Payne. For his guess, he said licorice, which he spelled “licqurish.” He is pretty, but not a great speller.

From there, they moved on to the main course, which was pizza bianco with spring vegetables. While Fallon was disgusted by the dish, he did happen to guess the secret ingredient on this one, which was marshmallow fluff. That seemed like an obvious one, but no one else got it right.


The segment ended with two desserts for the stars, as the cheesecake had Fritos mixed in and the gelato had anchovies mixed in! For sure, Ashton Kutcher stole the show on this one, as he picked up that spit bucket and went behind his chair to spit up that gelato. You can’t blame him though, as all of the guys were spitting it up and Vanessa Hudgens only dipped her finger into it and took a little taste.

Overall, Kutcher and Fallon both got one answer correct. They were, by far, the most dramatic during the competition, so it is only fitting that they actually got some of the secret ingredients right. From the looks of it, no one wants to be dining in Mario Batali’s restaurants.


Check out the hilarious video from The Tonight Show below and share your thoughts on this new game segment.

[Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]