Three Cities Rumored As Possible Locations To Host ‘WrestleMania 35’ In 2019

Next year, WWE is returning to New Orleans for WrestleMania 34, but there are already rumors flying as to where the biggest wrestling event of the year will be in 2019. One location has already been named as a possibility, but now, there are two other cities which have had their names thrown into the pool and are hoping to bring the superstars in for the “granddaddy of them all.”

This year, WrestleMania 33 took place in Orlando, and it was an incredibly grand event on a huge stage. As revealed by the official website of WWE back in January, New Orleans was announced as the location for WrestleMania 34 which will mark the second time in five years that the “Big Easy” has hosted the huge pay-per-view.

Now, the official announcement for where WrestleMania 35 will be held won’t come until early 2018 at the earliest, but rumors are swirling. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of IW Nerd, is reporting that there are three cities in the running as potential locations for the huge event and they are Toronto, London, and New York.

As of this time, nothing is confirmed and WWE has said nothing, but these three key locations are rumored to be the frontrunners.

wwe rumors rumored locations wrestlemania 35 london new york toronto
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Through 33 years, New York and Toronto have both had their chances to host WrestleMania, but London has never held the event. If it were to go across the pond, this would mark the first time for WrestleMania, but not for a huge pay-per-view, as SummerSlam in 1992 was held in Wembley Stadium.

Toronto has hosted the big event on two different occasions with WrestleMania VI and WrestleMania 18.

New York leads the way of these three cities, as it has held WWE’s key pay-per-view on four different occasions. Madison Square Garden was the site of the very first WrestleMania and some matches were held at the Nassau Coliseum for WrestleMania II.

WWE returned to Madison Square Garden for WrestleMania X and again for WrestleMania XX.

wwe rumors rumored locations wrestlemania 35 london new york toronto
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With ratings dropping for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, heading out of the United States may not be a bad idea. If WWE builds up their global reach with WrestleMania in London or Toronto, it could very well help things now and in the long run.

Obviously, WWE loved the way things took place in New Orleans for WrestleMania XXX, which is why they’ve granted WrestleMania 34 to the city in such a short return time. As of now, there is no definite word on where WrestleMania 35 is going to take place, but if the rumored locations are to be believed, fans in Toronto, New York, and London may want to start getting excited.

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