‘The Walking Dead’s’ Khary Payton Teased Mysterious New Season 8 Poster — Ricktatorship Returns?

The Walking Dead Season 8 will obviously be upon us later this year, and since the Season 7 finale ended with a degree of finality, it’s obvious that Negan and the Saviors are going to war. As seen at the end of the season, they obviously still had numbers, whereas Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom had community members that were rather sparse.

Speaking of which, Kingdom leader Ezekiel, portrayed by the supremely talented thespian Khary Payton, took to Twitter to tease a mysterious photo of Rick Grimes with a caption stating, “War is here.”

The previous tagline “Rise Up” was all done in red, but now there’s an opposing blue color. There’s not much to break down here other than the expression on Rick’s face, which is synonymous with the Ricktatorship. It looks like that 1,000-yard stare is back once again, and this time Negan doesn’t intimidate Rick, which was well proven in his final encounter with the Saviors’ leader.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but Rick will enact his revenge.

He’s all in on this one, and on social media, Payton even says “It’s on.”

So it looks like King Ezekiel and Rick Grimes are on the same page in opposing the Saviors. It does seem to have a stunning similarity to the Game of Thrones theme, but substitute GoT’s “Winter” with “War.”

It’s quite a coincidence that war is occurring on both shows, with winter lacking in both.


The junk yard community led by Jadis turned tail the moment the attack occurred in Alexandria, and they disappeared in a puff of smoke. They had obviously thought that they hadn’t signed up for this encounter, but who knows if they’ll change their minds and take Rick’s side against Negan and his crew.

As of now, it appears that the three groups have sparse quantities fighting on their side, so one would imagine if Rick and his people need to regroup and plan for things to come. Negan wasn’t born yesterday, and he’s always been one step ahead of everyone, but this time, Alexandria and the others have shown that they were ahead of the Saviors.

The Walking Dead Season 8
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What kind of convincing would you think it would take for this junk yard community to join Alexandria’s side? Will their broken-down version of the English language be their downfall?

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