Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Buys The World’s Supply Of Donkey Cheese

Here’s some news that’s likely to make you go “huh?” Tennis star Novak Djokovic has bought up all of the donkey milk cheese he can get his hands on for a new restaurant chain.

Donkey cheese is a rare delicacy, i.e. one of those really expensive foods that no one really thinks is any good, but will pay up to £400 a pound for it anyway just to be able to say “I ate donkey cheese.” Djokovic apparently believes that there’s a lot of money to be made on donkey cheese, as he has bought up the entire 2013 output of the Serbian farm which produces it, reports the Daily Mail.

Donkey cheese has another, markedly less appetizing name: Pule. It will be one of the key attractions at a chain of restaurants that the Wimbledon champion wants to open in his homeland.

Donkey cheese is produced in Zasavica, and Slobodan Simic, the manager of the factory that produces the delicacy, says that 25 liters of fresh milk are required to make a single kilogram of the finished product. Simic said that the company sold their entire year’s supply of donkey cheese to Djokovic because, why not.

“It will save a lot of effort having to deal with various restaurants – with only one customer buying the lot we don’t have to worry too much about salesmen,” he said. “It is a great vote of confidence as well in what we do here.”

Fun fact: Donkey milking machines have not yet been invented, so female donkeys have to be milked by hand three times a day.

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