‘LPBW’ Season 12 To End With Two-Hour Special, Amy Roloff Talks Next Season

Little People, Big World fans will see the current season of the TLC show end next with week with a two-hour special, according to Amy Roloff. Fans can also rejoice as the show has been renewed for another season.

The eight episodes of Little People, Big World aired this season have been chiefly about Tori and Audrey’s pregnancies peppered with Zach’s concerns about his child being a little person. We do know that Jackson Kyle Roloff was born last month and he is an LP like his dad. Fans also got a glimpse of Amy and Matt Roloff’s love lives post their divorce.

Tuesday’s episode showed Zach and Tori prepare for the C-section while Audrey and Jeremy went shopping for their new home. Matt Roloff presented his son’s rockers, and Amy pampered Audrey and Tori with pedicure at home. Zach’s health issues was a matter of concern for all Roloff family members as they rushed to visit him at home. The newly minted ‘LPBW’ father pegged it all to stress from recent developments in his life.

“I am really happy that Zach puts Tori first but I am just hoping that he remembers he needs to take care of himself because he needs to be in good shape before the baby comes,” mother Amy said, responding to Zach blaming stress for his bouts of sickness.

Mama Roloff also took to Facebook to tell fans that the current season of Little People, Big World is coming to an end. The last episode will be aired next Tuesday. Amy also hinted that the next season would premiere at the end of summer or in the fall.

Disappointed about the current season of Little People, Big World ending, fans wondered if it could not have been longer.

“September???? Oy vey, I can’t wait that long!! It’s like not seeing/talking to family for 3 months???? Tuesday night with no tears, laughter and Roloff’s…. it’s a shame!!!”

Amy in her post said the season finale of Little People, Big World “brings it all home,” likely referring to the arrival of baby Jackson. Zach and Tori Roloff’s child was born May 12. The Roloff family revealed the birthdays after, but did not immediately let fans know if the baby was an LP.

The next season of Little People, Big World is likely to premiere with final weeks of Audrey Roloff’s pregnancy and will feature the birth of the second Roloff grandchild, a girl. Audrey is due September 1. It remains to be seen if the Roloff clan can convince camera-shy Molly Roloff to allow her August wedding with her beau Joel Silvius to be featured on the show. Fans also mentioned Amy’s relationship with Chris Marek when she talked about next season, with some saying they hoped to see it progressing while others expressed skepticism.

Do you think this relationship will progress into the next season? Let us know.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]