Jacintha Saldanha’s Family Breaks Their Silence About Nurse’s Suicide

Jacintha Saldanha’s family opened up about the nurse’s suicide following the Kate Middleton phone prank. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the nurse was found dead after a telephone hoax by two Australian radio show hosts. Her brother Naveen told the Daily Mail that Jacintha was a “proper and righteous” person who would have felt shamed about the phone hoax.

Saldanha,46, is survived by two children and her husband Benedict Barboza. She as a devout Catholic and had moved from Mangalore, India to the United Kingdom over a decade ago, according to Radar Online. Saldanha daughter Lisha, 13, posted on Facebook noting how much she loves and misses her mom.

Carmine Barboza, the nurse’s mother-in-law stated that her accountant son was crying and could not speak much after learning about his wife’s suicide. She also had this to say during an interview after the prank by the Australian radio show hosts:

“More than that, we do not know about what actually happened. She is dead, that’s all. Jacintha was a very caring woman. We just cannot believe what has happened.

The nurse’s sister-in-law Celine Baroza had this to say when talking about her loved one and the suicide:

“She was a very strong person and couldn’t have taken this drastic step easily.

Irene Barboza, another one of Jacintha’s sister-in-laws, noted that Saldanha had not told anyone in the family about the hoax phone call that has been blamed for driving the woman to take her own life.

A New York Daily News source claiming to be a family friend stated that those close to Kate Middleton’s nurse feel that the hoax phone call set a domino effect in motion. The source had this to say during the newspaper interview:

“Because of them only it happened. That’s what we think. We want an investigation about what happened to my friend. She wouldn’t do that unless maybe she had some stress from the hospital. She’s a very strong person. It’s definitely stress from work.”