Millionaire’s Billboard Plea For Latina Girlfriend Removed By Vandals

How is a person supposed to find love if they can’t put up a giant billboard looking for Mrs. Right? A millionaire’s billboard pleading for a new Latina girlfriend was vandalized over the weekend, and now the entire image has been removed.

La Jolla Real estate mogul Marc Paskin, who appeared on the reality show Secret Millionaire, put up a billboard in San Diego last week asking for a Latina girlfriend for Christmas.

The billboard, which featured a photo of Paskin as well as his email address, read: “All I want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.”

NBC San Diego reports that Paskin’s email was peeled off on Friday night, and, by Sunday, the entire billboard had been removed. It’s unclear exactly how the billboard was removed, but employees working in the area said that they believe the millionaire’s plea for a girlfriend was destroyed by a couple of young vandals.

Paskin, who has already received hundreds of emails regarding the position of girlfriend, said that he wasn’t going to be discouraged by the vandals.

Paskin said:

“I will not let the vandals discourage me. Nothing will get in the way of me finding my dream woman, my soul mate. In fact, when they tear it down, it makes me more determined to find my special lady. That’s why I am a success, I never give up. Nothing gets in my way. I know I will find her.”

Do you think a billboard is the best way to find love?