‘The Flash’ Movie Could Take On Former ‘Han Solo’ Directors

The Flash movie could be taking on former Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. According to an exclusive from The Wrap, DC Films had met with the director duo to take on the DCEU solo movie project. If anyone recalls, Dope director Rick Famuyiwa had left the project over creative differences and now the wheels are in motion for the DC movie.

This meeting had occurred during their hiatus from the Han Solo project. At the time, it was not really known whether or not it was their intention to leave Lucasfilm in order to pursue other endeavors, but it was this past Tuesday the announcement was made to leave the untitled Han Solo film altogether.

At this point, Robert Zemeckis is the frontrunner and this would make sense considering he’s helmed highly rated film blockbusters. An imagination like Robert’s has to achieve a phenomenal outcome for The Flash movie and could likely be one of the best picks to take on the project.

Keep in mind that back in 2015 it was Lord and Miller who created a movie treatment for The Flash, according to Deadline Hollywood. That said, perhaps they had a change of heart considering they held their creative development personally and would like to achieve a sci-fi project of the comic book variety as opposed to the galactic realm?

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The aforementioned creative differences with the former Han Solo movie directors could have something to do with the stylings of Empire Strikes Back’s Lawrence Kasdan, along with his son Jon Kasdan, who had written the spin-off script. The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Lord and Miller’s style have a “comedic sensibility and improvisational style” while Kasdan sticks to whatever is written and doesn’t falter from that path.

This is quite telling considering that sticking to the works of Kasdan could be beneficial to keep their Lucasfilm project going the direction that the space operas have always adhered to. That said, keeping on par with these projects may be considered imperative if they want to preserve the franchise and ending the final trilogy as they see fit.

The Flash Movie Directors
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Do you think it was a good idea that the former Han Solo directors came home to their 2015 treatment? Do you think their improvisational style would suit Barry Allen in DCEU’s The Flash?

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