8-Year-Old Donates 500 Birthday Presents To Toys For Tots [Video]

Owasso, OK — An 8-year-old boy who told his parents he wanted to donate his birthday presents to charity received over 500 gifts — and gave them all to Toys for Tots.

Chase Branscum told his parents, “I already have toys and other kids don’t. They don’t have toys and when they have anything for Christmas they can’t play and they can’t have fun.”

Branscum wanted to skip a traditional birthday party and instead held one at the Rejoice Church North Campus Gymnasium in Owasso. Over 100 guests showed up for the party.

“He has a wonderful heart,” his mom, Tiffany Rowe, said.

Branscum’s mother said she was proud and humbled by her son’s decision to make his party about the community and not himself.

“You want to raise your child to be generous and to think of someone other than themselves,” Rowe said. “Him doing this was a gift to me.”

The toys will go to the Owasso chapter of Toys for Tots. The coordinator said the need for toys is high this holiday season.

“(We’ll) probably give gifts to around 2,000 children,” Michelle Hayes said.

Danny Stockton, owner of Red Dot Laser Tag, decided to help out with the party after he heard about Branscum’s plan. Children who attended were treated to laser tag and other games as well as snacks.

Kennedy, a friend of Chase Branscum, said, “I’m happy that other kids get things because some of them have never had Christmas.”

Toys for Tots said they are still accepting gifts for children in need.