'Below Deck Mediterranean': Hannah Ferrier On Current Relationship With Jason

Karen de Wilde

Hannah Ferrier just couldn't resist herself. On the latest Below Deck Mediterranean episode that aired on Tuesday night, Hannah was shown flirting with a primary charter guest, Jason Ziegler. Not only that, the episode also seemed to show Hannah and Jason actually making out, and perhaps more, in Jason's cabin after all the other guests and yacht crew went to bed.

Early on during Jason's charter of Sirocco, he and Hannah were very friendly with one another and seemed to have a lot of chemistry together. During one night, after his friends went to their beds, Jason told Hannah to have a drink with him. Hannah went out to the balcony and smoked and chatted with Jason.

Later, after Jason and his friends enjoyed a yacht party and Jason went back to his cabin, Hannah ran after him and went into his room. Hannah's microphone picked up her asking him whether he was off to bed and cheekily asking him if he needed anything else. Kissing sounds could then be heard as Jason thanked Hannah for all of her hard work and assistance.

In a confessional interview, Hannah wasn't afraid to admit that she was attracted to Jason.

"That man has a damn good body for 41. And is there really anything better than a 41-year-old in a 21-year-old's body with a 70-year-old's bank account?"

As Below Deck Mediterranean aired, Hannah Ferrier made it clear via social media that she doesn't regret what she did with Jason. She also answered viewers' questions regarding her current relationship with Jason. Hannah told one viewer that she and Jason now chat nearly every day. She also told another viewer that she and Jason chat all the time. So while it seems that Hannah and Jason aren't in a romantic relationship with one another, they're very good friends.

A preview for the next Below Deck Mediterranean episode shows that Hannah Ferrier's behavior with Jason may get her in trouble after it's reported to Captain Sandy. The clip shows Christine "Bugsy" Drake discovering that Hannah has been texting Jason after the charter, including about the tip that he left the crew. She tells Bobby Giancola and shows him the texts. In an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, posted on Wednesday, Captain Sandy teased that viewers will see her "have a chat with Hannah."

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