Jenni Rivera Dies, Fans And Family In Shock, Many In Disbelief

The death of Latin singer Jenni Rivera this weekend came as a massive shock to family of the much-loved artist, and fans on Twitter are in shock and reeling from the sudden loss of the Mexican-American superstar — with Twitter awash in rumors and false hope Rivera survived the crash.

News that Jenni Rivera had died in a plane crash began to hit midday on Sunday, a few hours after the star’s plane was lost from radar screens and panic began to build. Rivera was killed just after a performance and not long following her final tweet — one that was soon followed by a hoax tweet purported to have been sent by Jenni after her death, since proven fake.

In fact, news that Jenni Rivera dies has been rejected by many stalwart fans of the singer, who are volleying conspiracy theories on Twitter — including an Instagram snap purportedly retweeted by the singer’s son suggesting that Rivera survived the crash.

Many fans have echoed the sentiment, expressing disbelief that Rivera perished in the crash early Sunday.

Among the tweets rejecting the news that Jenni Rivera died in the crash include:

Another user speculated:

Jenni Rivera’s son has sent a series of heartbreaking tweets following the news her plane was lost, expressing disbelief his mom was killed and pointing to the word of a psychic who claims the singer survived the crash. He posted just after the first stories broke about Jenni Rivera’s crash:

@katedelcastillo thank you for your support I’ve never met you but I love your acting. There’s no info just the fact that the plane missing

— Johnny Angel Lopez (@johnnylopezfilm) December 9, 2012

He then added:

Me and chiquis0626 so happy we have good info on my mama @jennirivera. They’re on their way to save you mam

— Johnny Angel Lopez (@johnnylopezfilm) December 10, 2012

Please come home to me Mama. I love you. Please god bring her back safe and sound! @jennirivera

— Johnny Angel Lopez (@johnnylopezfilm) December 10, 2012

In response to news Jenni Rivera died and her son’s subsequent denial tweets, one user said:

Jenni’s brother Pedro Rivera, Jr. seems more accepting of his sister’s sad fate, and told press:

“When we do find out what has happened with the body, because they have to get it out of the woods there… As soon as they get the bodies out and we receive the news that they’re there, all the family is going to fly over there and bring our sister back.”

Below is the Instagram pic circulating after Jenni Rivera’s death on Twitter and the photo-sharing site — do you think “psychics” who prey on grieving loved ones make dealing with a death like Rivera’s harder on surviving family members?

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