‘Venom’ Movie: ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Off Features Carnage — Will Symbiotes Expand MCU?

The Venom/Spider-Man spin-off movie sounds like it’s off to a good start, with Sony’s intention of creating more spin-off flicks. Tom Hardy is set to star in the movie, and the Hollywood Reporter mentioned yet another brutal symbiote of sorts coming to the big screen: Carnage.

There’s also a question of whether Venom, as well as other symbiotes, could expand into the MCU. There’s a matter of reciprocity between Spider-Man and that of the Venom and other symbiote characters like Carnage.

This brings another question regarding whether Holland’s Spider-Man will be popping up in these other spin-off movies. There was a recent interview with both former Sony executive Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige in regard to characters like Venom and how they could tie into the MCU.

According to Pascal, these characters will be “adjuncts” to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is, in turn, connected to the MCU. So you’ll never know for sure unless some kind of post-credits scene drops a hint.

Don’t forget in the comics, Venom (aka Flash Thompson) went as far as joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, and since the parasitic nuisance comes from a galactic origin, it would make sense to somehow derive a story from paper to the big screen. Spider-Man No. 23 gave a new armored look for their Venom character, according to Comic Book Resource.

Spiderman Homecoming Tom Holland
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Sony chairman Tom Rothman spoke to THR regarding the topic of Spider-Man, and he gave some information regarding Holland’s future projects. As it stands now, the star is slated contractually for Spider-Man 2 and 3. Expansions into the spin-offs were also mentioned. He also makes a note regarding the Venom movie as well.

“As for the expansion plans, Tom Hardy is starring in Venom, dated for Oct. 5, 2018, which will also feature the villain Carnage. A source says Holland is only contractually obligated to Spider-Man 2 and 3, but the intention is to bring him into the spin-offs and possibly other Marvel films (he is currently shooting Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War).”

The Venom character portrayed by Hardy is supposed to be an anti-hero and will not likely have the typical nice guy background, so it looks like there could be some challenges with making him a darker character. With Carnage (aka Cletus Kasady) coming on board, it’ll be interesting on how he’ll be introduced because the galactic parasite tends to bring out the darker parts from their hosts.

The comic book movie is set to start production later this year, so this is something fans can look forward to.

Spider-Man Homecoming Spin-Off Venom
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How do you think Spider-Man and his villains/anti-heroes will make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Marvel Studios already took on the character in Captain America: Civil War, so why not keep pushing the envelope?

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