Jill Duggar Exposes Ministry Friend, Fans Question Her About Work Location

Jill Duggar misses her friends and colleagues back in Central America after returning home. She recently shared an image of a friend that has fans wondering why the Dillards refrain from mentioning the countries where they minister.

Days before they returned home last month, Jill Duggar posted about a close friend being kidnapped and killed, alarming fans about the living conditions where their ministry works. The ‘Counting On’ celebrities revealed that their friend’s body was found by a river a day after the murder. The family of the murdered person remained indoors for fear of being kidnapped, the reality stars later said in a blog post. Duggar family fans urged Jill and Derick to return home, which they did four days after sharing the tragic news.

“Even though we had spoke with our friend and his family about the realities of the dangers here, and especially in their area right now, we were shocked when we learned of his kidnap and murder. We’ve had them into our home three times in the past couple weeks!” the couple had said back then in the aftermath of the murder in one of the Duggar Family blog posts.

Now back home, Jill and Derick were spotted at Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding and were later seen spending time together as they prepare for the arrival of their second child; a boy they have decided to call Samuel. A recent image Jill Dillard posted shows one of her friends from Central America; possibly a fellow worker at the ministry. It leaves one wondering if Jill should have exposed her.

Jill captioned the image mentioning the hardships of life back in Central America, prompting a few fans to ask why the Dillards refrain from mentioning the country where they preach.

“Why do u always say central america?!?! There is alot of countries in central america!!!! Your acting like it’s all one place! Every country is different.” asked one fan.

Another weighed in with a response saying the ‘Counting On’ couple does not want to disclose the location, although it is widely known that Jill Duggar was with Derick in El Salvador for a year before their return to the U.S. in 2016. In the images they shared from earlier this year, after their return to Central America for missionary work, the Dillards have refrained from mentioning locations when they share images.

“They don’t want to disclose where they go. I’m sure they know every country is different. We’re ready for baby Samuel!” reads a comment on the image. However, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the brand of ice cream cones in Jill’s hand, which they believe gives the location of her friend away.

“oh no. I did not know they want it to keep it private. I’m sure they go to different countries in CA,” a fan wrote in a lighter vein while referring to the brand of cones.

Drawing a parallel between the present living conditions of the Dillards in Arkansas and their friends back in Central America, some critics questioned why the couple cannot minister in the U.S. and contribute charity to the needy.

“I’d rather my money go to actually helping people in need, not trying to change people’s religion and airfare back and forth to Arkansas… oh and to pay for them not having jobs,” reads one of the comments referring to criticism that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard had received in the past when they sought donations to support their missionary work in Central America.

Jill Duggar posted the image of her with her friend while on a getaway trip with Derick in Missouri. The two were married three years ago on this day and are now on a ”babymoon.” Jill is expected to give birth next month. Meanwhile, her family in Arkansas sent the couple this anniversary message.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]