Thousands Apply For Live-In Nanny Position At Haunted House After Five Nannies Fled Position

A Scottish family that offered the equivalent of almost $64,000 dollars to anyone brave enough to become a live-in nanny in their allegedly haunted house has become flooded with applicants and inquiries. The couple own a home in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire that is supposedly haunted. The couple reported that they have never actually witnessed any paranormal activity themselves, but five of their previous nannies left their positions because they were afraid of the ghosts in the house. The nannies claimed the house was haunted.

The couple report that they were told that the historic house in the in a small village in the Scottish Borders was haunted when they bought it, but they weren’t overly concerned. They did become concerned when they couldn’t keep a nanny though. The couple disclosed that they wanted to be upfront about why the other nannies quit, even though they themselves have never witnessed the supposed hauntings.

In order to find the right person, the couple placed an advertisement on They offered a salary of £50,000 per year, which the Scottish Sun reports is more than double what other nannies in the area are paid for the same workload.

When Inquisitr last reported, the couple was still in dire need of a nanny. The nanny would be responsible for making breakfast, getting the children up, getting the children to and from school, helping the children with homework, and getting them to bed.

“My husband and I are both very busy professionals who are often required to work away and there are occasions, up to four nights per week, (weekdays only) when we will both be away and you will be at the property alone in sole charge.”

Thanks to all of the publicity, they now have more applicants and inquiries than they have time to respond to. Within the first 24 hours, the couple received more than 150 formal applications. That was just the start though.

The posting has been updated.

“Thank you to everyone who has contacted us. We have been overwhelmed by the response and have received over 2000 messages in relation to the position. Due to the vast number of enquiries, we unfortunately aren’t able to respond to everyone individually.”

The applicants are all aware that they may hear strange noises in the house, see moving furniture, and witness glass smashing around the home, but haunted houses are apparently a little more bearable when you get free room and board, a grossly inflated salary compared to the market, and almost a full month of paid vacation every year.


A spokeswoman for to the Scottish Sun verified that the response has been overwhelming.

“The family have said that the majority of candidates do not seem bothered by the supernatural reports in the house – that may or may not have something to do with the generous salary.”

Whichever nanny the couple chooses will care for two elementary-school-aged children on a historic property with “spectacular views.” Plus, in addition to the generous salary, amazing view, abundance of vacation days, the nanny they choose will get his or her own “comfortable room with en-suite bathroom and private kitchen” in the so-called haunted house too.

Would you be willing to be a live-in nanny at a haunted house if you were offered this kind compensation?

[Featured Image by DeeDee51/Pixabay]