Kanye West’s Mental Breakdown Reportedly Prevents Rapper From Signing Lucrative Adidas Deal

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Kanye West’s mental breakdown in November is reportedly continuing to hurt his brand, as reports claim that the rapper is missing out on a potential billion-dollar deal over his struggle to overcome his breakdown.

Having kept a relatively low profile to recover from his hospitalization last year, Kanye West has reportedly been missing out on endless earning opportunities, including his North American “Saint Pablo Tour,” which was canceled following his sudden downfall by the end of last year.

Millions were lost in potential income, sources told Radar Online, but that’s not all. According to the outlet, Adidas has been trying to expand their business plans with Kanye West, but due to his supposed fragile mental state, the father-of-two has shown little to no interest in getting back to work.

Sources tell Radar Online that Adidas has been planning to begin selling Kanye’s clothes in all of their stores worldwide, having already tested it out with a trial that reportedly performed exceptionally well.

Adidas has all the confidence in the world that selling Kanye West’s fashion apparel will generate a lot of sales, and current talks are to not only expand their vision to a worldwide distribution but also have Kanye control his own stores in addition to selling his clothes through the apparel company.

There are endless deals on the line for Kanye West right now, but sources stress that the music mogul is refusing to respond to the majority of them, which could potentially see him miss out on income that would easily allow him to reach the billion dollar mark in a few years time.

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Partnering with Adidas and signing a lucrative deal to have his clothes sold in all of their stores worldwide is a huge step forward for the rapper, but due to his current state, it seems as if he’s not ready to take on such responsibility.

“Kanye has been dragging his heels on the next phase of his deal with Adidas [a contract that was renewed and expanded over a year ago], which would give him fully Kanye-branded storefronts in Adidas shops worldwide,” the insider shares.

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“Adidas has already experimented with transforming portions of their shops into 100% Yeezy merchandise, and it’s worked fine, but the plan to build entire storefronts around Kanye hasn’t come together yet, and that’s because Kanye is taking his time with it.”

Kanye West has yet to comment on reports concerning his partnership with Adidas. It’s believed that the rapper will soon start working on his next studio album, having made plans to start writing new songs in the early process of getting back in the mode of putting together a new record.

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