‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Charged With Another Drug Felony In Jail

Former Real Housewives star Lauri Peterson reportedly thought that at least behind bars, son Josh Waring couldn’t get into any more trouble and might finally kick his long term drug problem. However, it seems that she was wrong. Just one week before his attempted murder trial, Josh Waring has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and has been accused of being under the influence behind bars. The violations go back to the end of 2016, and he was formerly charged with the new felony.

Josh Waring, the son of former Real Housewives of Orange Countystar Lauri Peterson, has been behind bars for a year, unable to make bail for the attempted murder of a man named Daniel Lopez. After the alleged shooting, Josh Waring was said to have stolen a BMW in order to make a getaway. There were a number of witnesses who told police they spotted Josh Waring at the residence where Daniel Lopez lived previously and identified him as the shooter. By not helping Josh Waring make his million dollar bail, former RHOC star Lauri Peterson had reportedly hoped that after numerous rehabs and halfway houses, being behind bars might finally keep Josh clean. Unfortunately, that has evidently failed.

On Monday, the district attorney added new charges to the Josh Waring case, including a felony and a misdemeanor. In official court documents, December 10 of last year is listed as the violation date. The felony charge is said to be for possession and the misdemeanor is for being under the influence.

The son of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson, Josh Waring, who was on the show occasionally, had been living in a sober living home in Costa Mesa, California. Daniel Lopez was shot outside of a sober living home. Josh Waring pleaded not guilty to three counts of attempted murder and is supposed to stand trial in the coming weeks.

And there is another child of a Real Housewives of Orange County star due to spend some time behind bars soon, and that is Alexa Curtin, daughter of RHOC star Lynne Curtin. Alexa Curtin has had a variety of legal problems that have led to a probation violation, and a judge has sentenced Alexa to spend 30 days behind bars. After Alexa Curtin was arrested for stealing from Macy’s and assaulting a woman, she filed charges against an Orange County police officer claiming he had raped her a year earlier.

But while Josh Waring is supposed to go on trial over the next three weeks, lawyers for the Real Housewives of Orange County son have previously gotten a delay. Josh Waring was originally supposed to go on trial in February, but his lawyer, Ray Chen, requested a delay back in January when he was added to the Waring team.


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Initially, Josh Waring planned to defend himself and had wanted a speedy trial, but Judge W. Michael Hayes strongly cautioned Josh Waring about defending himself, as he is facing life behind bars.

“These are long-term sentences. So I caution you, think carefully about your future and about your decision.”

At that time, someone was assigned to assist Waring in his defense. At the time of his arrest, Josh Waring was already facing felony drug and forgery charges. Waring is claiming that he fled the scene of the shooting because he was heading to pick up drugs.

Do you think these new charges against Josh Waring are surprising? Do you think the Real Housewives of Orange County son will spend life behind bars?

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