Imagine Dragons Star Dan Reynolds Talks Depression Ahead Of New Album Release

Over the past five years, Imagine Dragons have become one of the world’s most popular rock bands. Imagine Dragons have several Grammy awards under their belt, and their debut album, Night Visions, was a hit across the world, selling over seven million copies. The Imagine Dragons sophomore album, Smoke and Mirrors, entered the Billboard chart at No 1., and the hit single “Radioactive” sold 10 million copies and has been streamed over 220 million times. This Friday, June 23, Imagine Dragons will release their third full-length album, Evolve; a release that is eagerly anticipated by the band’s fans.

Despite the band-s considerable success, things have not been easy for singer Dan Reynolds. As was revealed in the Inquisitr way back in 2015, Reynolds suffers from depression. Reynolds admitted that a 110-date world tour, which took in 42 countries, left him “numb” and led to him taking a 12-month break to deal with his demons. Thankfully, Reynolds seems to be on the road to recovery, and he has told the BBC that he has conquered his depression “without drugs.”

Reynolds says that he feared he would lose his family and his life, and he had no option but to seek help. So, when the Imagine Dragons tour ended, Reynolds went to a therapist and “faced it head on for the first time.”

“When I was younger, in school, I would just let it pass, and ride out the valleys and the peaks and the ups and downs. Then I tried medication and it was too scary for me, because I felt like it was going to change the music.”

Dan Reynolds Imagine Dragon Depression
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Reynolds’ treatment took a holistic approach, changing his diet, cutting out sugar, and practicing yoga and meditation. Reynolds finds meditation especially beneficial because he often has problems “quieting his brain.” Throughout his depression, Reynolds had support from his Imagine Dragons bandmates, especially from guitarist Wayne Sermon; a man Reynolds calls his “brother.”

Where Imagine Dragons Smoke And Mirrors album was dark and angst-ridden, Reynolds says that Evolve is like “opening the blinds to let the light in.” The Las Vegas Review Journal picks up on that theme, saying that Evolve shows that Imagine Dragons ” have found peace of mind.”

Interestingly, there is no trace of self-pity in Reynolds discussions about depression. He recognizes that his struggles with his mental health played a huge part in the success of Imagine Dragons. By talking about his own struggles, Reynolds hopes to make fans, who are hugely invested in Imagine Dragons, realize that they are not alone and that help is available. Reynolds even goes so far as to say that dealing with pain “helps us to grow.”

Dan Reynolds Imagine Dragon Depression
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Imagine Dragons Evolved will be released on the Interscope Records label on Friday, June 23.

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