‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Producers Reportedly Scrambling After Sex Scandal: Our New Season 4 Hook-Up Predictions

Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise is back underway after a full investigation into sexual assault claims made by Corinne Olympios against DeMario Jackson. Despite finding no assault took place, People is reporting that some original cast members did not want to return, leaving producers “scrambling” to bring in more former The Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.

Despite not knowing exactly who is returning to Paradise, these are the couples we would like to see hook up in our Bachelor Nation dreams.

According to CBS 8, Amanda Stanton and Ben Zorn are a likely couple for Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Stanton found herself engaged to Josh Murray at the end of last season, but their wedding plans fell apart months later. Despite her past failures, Stanton is ready to find love once again, and Zorn might be the right man for the job.

“I’ve kind of closed that chapter and I’m moving on from it,” Stanton shared. “I’d be excited to just meet everybody.”

When it comes to similar interests, Alexis Waters and Nick Benvenutti seem like the perfect match. Waters is pursuing a career in dolphin training while Benvenutti works at Atlas Marine Systems building ships. Not only do they both enjoy the ocean, but they also like wearing costumes.

When opening up about her run on Bachelor in Paradise, Waters told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s thrilled about the opportunity to find love on national television. “Hell, yeah. I’m 100 percent down for Bachelor in Paradise. [Rachel] better get good guys [on The Bachelorette] because I’m going to take her leftovers,” she shared.

Alexis Waters [Image by Craig Sjodin/ABC]

Lacey Mark, meanwhile, might find a good match in Vinny Ventiera, as long as she can keep up with his speed. They are both from the East Coast, however, so they at least they have one thing in common.

Finally, perhaps one of the more compatible contestants this season are Kristina Schulman and Alex Woytkiw. Both of them are looking for something serious and would be a beautiful couple. They also aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds, which could make things interesting as the season goes on.

The Bachelor's Raven Gates opens up about plastic surgery.

ABC previously announced that Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise would include stars from Nick Viall’s run on The Bachelor, including Raven Gates, Waters, Danielle Maltby, Kristina Schulman, Lacey Mark, Nolan, and Jasmine Goode. Other contestants include the likes of Derek Peth, Hayes, Benvenutti, Woytkiw, Ventiera, and Zorn.

Production was halted after an incident between Olympios and Jackson in a hot tub on set. After a full investigation, ABC decided no assault took place and to resume filming. There is no word on whether Olympios or Jackson returned to film the rest of the season.

'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal: Corinne Olympios And DeMario Jackson's Speak Out - Who Do You Believe? [Poll] [Featured Image by ABC]
DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios [Images by Craig Sjodin/ABC]

The new season of Bachelor in Paradise was originally set to premiere on August 8, ABC has not announced if the stop in production has pushed back the premiere.

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