Wasp Sting Treatment Slammed: Don’t Put A Wasps Nest In Your Vagina

As temperatures rise at the start of the summer, the number of wasps increases too. Consequently, more people suffer from wasp stings, and, as wasp stings can be dangerous, internet searches for wasp sting treatments rise. What most people don’t expect to find, is that a search for “wasp sting treatment” reveals a strange and bizarre, and according to some dangerous, new alternative medicine treatment. According to the Daily Star, women are being urged to put a wasps nest into their vagina.

The treatment suggests, that placing a ground up wasp’s nest into your vagina, “can tighten, clean, and rejuvenate a woman’s genitals with powerful natural remedies.” According to So Feminine, “this latest micro trend sees women insert ground oak galls, which are essentially tree deformities formed by wasp nests, into their vaginas in the hope of tightening the muscles down there to improve their sex lives as a result.”

Oak galls are formed when a gall wasp lays eggs in a tree’s leaf buds. The oak galls are being harvested and sold as a natural remedy, and retailers claim, that when they are ground into a paste, and inserted into the vagina, it can help to “restore the uterine wall after childbirth, heal an episiotomy cut and also clean out the vagina.”

Oak gall wasp sting treatment
[Image by Royal Horticultural Society]

Perhaps unsurprisingly, top Canadian gynaecologist, Dr. Jen Gunter, has slammed the practice, claiming that the wasp nest treatment could be very dangerous.

Gunter said, “this product follows the same dangerous pathway of other ‘traditional’ vaginal practices. Drying the vaginal mucosa increases the risk of abrasions during sex and destroys the protective mucous layer.”

“It could also wreak havoc with the good bacteria. In addition to causing pain during sex it can increase the risk of HIV transmission. This is a dangerous practice with real potential to harm.”

It seems that the wasp nest treatment was being sold by a Malaysian heritage health shop, and that online stocks have been selling out. The sellers even concede that the was treatment will sting the vagina. Online seller, Female Renewal Solution claims that Oak Gall will instantly make your vagina tighter.

“Oak Gall is all you need when you’re thinking about how to make your vagina tighter instantly and overnight, as well as rejuvenate your vaginal walls and muscles, relieve from vaginal dryness, and improves vaginal health.”

Oak gall wasp sting treatment
[Image by Royal Horticultural Society]

Dr. Gunter summed up the thoughts of many when she said putting anything that stings into your vagina is “generally bad for the vagina.” This wasp sting treatment could even cause toxic shock syndrome, something that is potentially fatal.

[Featured Image by Royal Horticultural Society]