Malibu Rum Is Owning Summer, Are You On Board?

Malibu® Rum kicked off their #BecauseSummer campaign just a few short weeks ago. The 101 days of summer focuses on getting adults back into a childlike state of mind. All possible with a coconut in hand and a few sips of the sweet elixir.

Using their social media platforms and encouraging consumers to post their own happy moments is all a part of building their brand awareness. Surf boards and island life make a perfect backdrop for selfies and friend hangouts.

Did you know that they’re giving back with every photo you instagram and hashtag #HumanPartyAnimals? Considering it’s $5 per photo, it’s a great reason to make sure you’re adding the extra line to benefit charitable programs which help to protect the dwindling turtle population.

If you’re heading to a concert, hopefully you’ll make it to one featuring the Malibu® Beach House. They’ll have drinks served in their signature coconut which will make even the Unicorn Frappuccino seem like a distant memory. The pop up will be featured at Tortuga, Stagecoach, Hangout, Neon Desert, Firefly, Faster Horses, LouFest and Route 91.

Take a selfie at the Malibu rum beach house
Malibu® Rum sets up their beach house at summer concerts.

For many summer is about cutting loose and making memories. Malibu® is making sure those remembrances boost their brand while keeping you the most popular person in your news feed. Show everyone how you’re living fully and embracing the spirit of the season.

Apparently all you need is a hose, a horse trough, and a well mixed drink to bring all of the fun back to your life. Take the simple pleasures of summer and make them epic.

It’s one way to get people drinking. Or at least another good excuse to grab your phone and perfect that smile you’ve been practicing.

While society complains about the lack of connection in a digital world, this is a new opportunity to add a dynamic form of adventure to your summer. The brand is encouraging the full expression of being present in an ideal moment and capturing it for all the world to see.

It’s 101 days, a quick and fleeting summer. Take out your phone, grab a fancy drink, and document your perfect moment. If for no other reason than to bring back the turtle population. Isn’t it time you lived a little more?

[Featured Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]