‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Josslyn Goes Wild, Sam Attacks Franco & Sonny, Serena Will Be Griffin’s Lover?

Port Charles is going to sizzle this summer based on the latest General Hospital spoilers. Sam (Kelly Monaco) is not in good condition, and she has been hallucinating. Given her current situation, it appears like she is going to put the lives of several PC residents in danger. Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) might have decided on an amicable divorce, but Josslyn is totally against her mother’s decisions. This is just the beginning of the drama between mother and child, and Carly’s little girl is going to have a serious show of teenage angst. Meanwhile, there are more hints as to who could be Dr. Griffin Munro’s (Matt Cohen) summer romance.

Sam Goes Out of Control

Sam is not herself lately, and she seems to be having hallucinations. While she is trying her best to hide her condition from her husband, she will not be able to do it forever. General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam is going to be a danger to the lives of several PC residents.

An enemy from the past is going to haunt Sonny and disturb his romantic getaway with Laura. Spoilers for this week’s episodes reveal Jason will arrive just in time to save the Corinthos couple. Sam will agree to send Jason to the island to give Sonny a warning. There was speculation that Sam is going to make her way to the island too, and she will be the one to shoot Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers also hint that Sam is going after Franco (Roger Howarth). Sam was enraged when Jason’s life was placed on the line while going after Costa. Her concern for her family combined with her hallucinations could put someone else’s life at risk. Based on rumors, Franco could be Sam’s next target. Franco might have turned over a new leaf, but in Sam’s current mental state, she might still consider Liz’s boyfriend to be a big threat to her family. It would be interesting to see Sam attack Franco with a knife. If these spoilers prove to be true, Sam is going to get her hands bloody this summer.

New Flame

Spoilers for General Hospital’s summer episodes reveal Serena Baldwin (Carly Schroeder) may make her way back to Port Charles, and she is going to play an important role in the life of one Port Charles resident. General Hospital rumors hinted that Dr. Griffin Munro would finally have a new love, and there are suggestions that this woman will be none other than Serena.

Griffin has been linked to several ladies in Port Charles since the upcoming love interest has been hinted many times in General Hospital. When he expressed deep concern over Ava’s condition, there were a lot of people who were alarmed. With the current developments, it’s possible that Serena, who has been in Paris all this time, will make her way back to town. Spoilers hint Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) will face charges for his part in helping Ava bury the evidence of her involvement in Morgan’s death. Scott’s legal issues would be a weighty reason for her daughter to reappear in General Hospital and possibly get involved with Dr. Griffin Munro.

Teenage Troubles

Josslyn thinks her mom always makes the wrong decisions when it comes to Sonny. General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly’s sweet daughter is going to stop caring about anything and just do what she wants. From the latest teasers, it appears that Josslyn will act the way a rebellious teenager does. While Carly is off sneaking around with Sonny on some romantic island, Josslyn may have a house party which will eventually get out of hand. This isn’t going to be the end of Josslyn’s unruly behavior. General Hospital spoilers tease Josslyn will start hooking up, sneaking out, and her involvement with the wrong acquaintances might even get her arrested.

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