‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap- Charlotte’s Killer Is Finally Revealed [Spoilers]

The final episode of Pretty Little Liars airs next week, but before that, we have to get you caught up on what happened during tonight’s episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you have not watch Tuesday night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars STOP reading now.

The episode starts off where last week’s ended- with Aria standing at the trunk of her car, where Archer Dunhill’s body was placed, when the police arrive. She quickly slams the trunk closed and tells the officer that she had dropped her keys inside and had a friend on their way to bring her other set. The officer insists on helping Aria open the trunk, but is radioed at the same time it pops open, which kept him from seeing the body inside. Aria then grabs her keys and decides to go to the police station and turn herself in. Luckily, at the same time, the rest of the group, including Ezra, were together, and Ezra and Caleb were able to track Aria down using her other set of keys before she walked into the police station. Ezra stops Aria, who tells him she has Archer’s body in the car. They prepare to get rid of it, but when they return to the trunk, he is gone.

During the last couple of episodes, we have seen Mona with the game in her apartment. Although we weren’t sure exactly what she was up to, it appeared to be no good as usual. Caleb is eventually able to figure out that the signals from the game were coming from Mona’s apartment, and he and Hannah decide to go confront her. However, someone has stolen the game and Mona has left to meet someone at a local diner. Caleb and Hannah follow Mona there, but no one ever shows up. Instead, Caleb goes inside and asks her who she was there to meet. At the same time, Spencer arrives at the diner and tells Hannah that Mary Drake had given her and Ally The Lost Woods, the hotel she owned, so they would have money to retain lawyers if they were arrested. Hannah and Spencer decide to join Caleb and Mona inside, but when Mona sees them, she takes off through a secret passageway in the restroom. Caleb refuses to let Hannah go in the tunnel with him, so Spencer goes instead. While all of this is going on, the detective is actively pursuing arrest warrants for each of the girls.

After Hannah leaves the diner, she starts walking in front of the church where Charlotte was killed. Suddenly, flower petals start falling from the steeple, and she decides to go inside to investigate. When she walks to the top of the building, she finds Mona, wearing her glasses and braided pigtails, sitting on the floor plucking the petals from a flower. It is clear that Mona has started to lose her mind, and she tells Hannah what happened the night Charlotte died. Mona had apparently set up a meeting with Charlotte to tell her to stay away from her friends. She acts like she is going to push her out of the window, but instead lets her go. However, Charlotte grabs a board and hits Mona with it, and then the two girls start fist fighting, and during the struggle, Charlotte falls back into a pointed object on the wall, killing her instantly. Hannah brings Mona, who is still not in her right mind, back with her, and the group debates on whether or not to turn her over to the police. Ultimately, they decide they can’t turn her in in the condition she was at the time.

After Hannah discovered that Mona had killed Charlotte, she was presented with the rest of the puzzle pieces to complete the game. While Ezra and Caleb kept an eye on Mona, the girls took the pieces and placed them in their correct spots. They were then told where Archer Dunhill’s body had been moved – Ally’s Aunt Carol’s backyard in the grave that was made for Charles. The girls go to the grave with shovels, prepared to dig him up, but then decide they no longer want to play the game and they were done. However, as they were leaving the detective and other members of the Rosewood Police Department arrive at the scene and arrest them all. They are taken back to the police station where they were placed in a holding room, quickly realizing that there was no way they were getting out of this. The detective comes in and tells them to get comfortable while she takes care of something, and then the window to the other room appeared, showing Mary Drake confessing to the murder of Archer Dunhill and her sister Mrs. D. The detective tells the girls they are free to go. Spencer is obviously distraught and asks to speak to Mary. The detective tells her that probably isn’t a good idea, and her friends remind her that Mary confessed to save her.

After leaving the police station, they go back to Mona and tell her that they have called Dr. Sullivan to come check on her. They look at the game and realize it has finally ended. As the episode closes, we see a person wearing a red coat and black gloves driving away with the girls game pieces.

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