America’s Got Talent Celine Tam Sings ‘My Heart Will Go On’ & Wows Everyone With Her Powerful Voice

America’s Got Talent lives its twelfth season and still has not failed once to astound millions with a stunning showcase of talent. The show has unfailingly presented a remarkable show of auditions so far, underpinned by unique and sometimes heart-wrenching stories. In its most recent episode, America’s Got Talent featured Celine Tam, a young girl who aspires to be and sing like Celine Dion.

Having her parents backstage support, the 9-year-old Celine took on the stage confidently and charismatically, introducing her little sister Dion to the judges and explaining how both their names added up to spell Celine Dion. Apparently, Tam’s parents are huge fans of Celine Dion’s music which precisely explains the names of their two daughters.

In her audition, the little girl sang Celine Dion’s all-time legendary song “My Heart Will Go On,” from the well-famed movie Titanic. She was able to shock the judges with her powerful voice, especially towards the end of the song. The clip was shared on YouTube on June 16 and it went viral within just a day on social networks adding almost 4.5 million views.

Celine Tam Tsz-kwan lives in Canada and is from Hong Kong. Her parents are passionate about Celine Dion’s music. So much so, they decided to name their daughters Celine and Dion. It is worthwhile noting that this is not the first time that the young talent has appeared in front of a crowd. As reported by the South China Morning Post, Celine Tam has participated in the Hunan Broadcasting System, Let’s Sing Kids. One year later, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying invited her to perform at the National Day reception attended by the city’s elite. Celine’s father, who is a vocal coach, trained her as a result of which Tam won numerous trophies and singing contests. She even signed a deal with GME China Entertainment in 2015 and successfully made her name in mainland China as well as Hong Kong. Now she has surprised everyone at America’s Got Talent with her truly mesmerizing voice.

America's Got Talent featured Celine Tam who sung 'My Heart Will Go On' with her powerful voice. (Image by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Faculty Productions)

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Celine Dion performed the song at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in honor of Titanic‘s 20th anniversary. The interesting thing about My Heart Will Go On is that Dion initially did not like it and certainly opposed it from having it featured in the Titanic. It was actually her late husband Rene Angelil who persuaded her to do so. The song came out before the movie, but when Titanic premiered, the song became an iconic theme to the extent that it helped Titanic serve as a reminder to keep watching it in theaters.

[Featured Image by Celine Tam 譚芷昀/Facebook]