‘Monday Night Raw’ Rumors: Future Plans Revealed For Enzo Amore And Big Cass After Their Tag Team Break-Up

Last night on Monday Night Raw, WWE finally pulled the trigger and split up the tag team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass in dramatic fashion, but what happens now? That is what everyone has been wondering over the last 24 hours as it is hard to imagine one of these guys without the other. Rumors are flying and it looks as if the company already has plans for both men with one going up the ladder and the other heading down.

There had been rumors going around for months that WWE was going to split up this tag team with Big Cass in line for a major singles push. Well, it looks as if the rumors were spot on as that still appears to be the plan, but what does that say for Enzo Amore?

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of IW Nerd, WWE is focusing on showing that Enzo was the weak link of the tag team. Big Cass’ heel turn promo had him continue to point that out and it is what WWE wants the fans to not only believe but realize as well.

wwe monday night raw rumors enzo amore big cass break-up heel 205 live
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With Big Cass being pushed as the monster and workhorse of the team, he is the one getting the big push on Raw. The former partners will likely have a tag team break-up feud which is not expected to last longer than Great Balls of Fire.

If their match does happen at that pay-per-view, it is expected to be a quick one with Cass winning in dominating fashion.

Big Cass will likely get a brand new entrance and new theme music as well. Their old theme music is associated with the tag team when they were babyfaces and WWE doesn’t want him to be cheered by the fans when they hear it first start up.

That being said, Enzo is expected to keep their theme song and also keep doing his own introduction since the fans love it so much.

wwe monday night raw rumors enzo amore big cass break-up heel 205 live
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A while back, Chris Jericho was a guest on the Busted Open show where he said that making Enzo Amore a cruiserweight and putting him on 205 Live would instantly give that division more attention. Jericho said it would make fans more interested in that title and also help Enzo not get lost in the shuffle on Raw.

For now, these are mostly just rumors and the only thing of any certainty is that Big Cass is in line for a pretty substantial push.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass really had a great thing going as a tag team with their popularity and even competing for the Tag Team Titles on a number of occasions. With the talent and look of Big Cass, though, it was only a matter of time until he was given time to go at it on his own. While that is a good thing for him, it is not the best news for Enzo, who could end up on 205 Live or possibly falling into the cracks of nothing on Monday Night Raw.

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