Matt Graham To Host New Discovery Competition Series ‘Bush League’ [Spoilers]

The Discovery Channel announced today that Matt Graham will be returning, this time as the host of Bush League, a new wilderness survival competition. Known as an expert in all things bushcraft, Graham will be hosting what are described by the Hollywood Reporter as bushcraft summits that will be held “deep in the wilds” of his home state of Utah. During the summits, two master bushcrafters will be competing against each other in a bushcraft-style build-off that are specifically themed to a specific environment, topography, and primitive living challenge.

All across the country, the bushcraft movement is gaining momentum and is built on the desire to gain knowledge of the natural world. Primitive wisdom, ingenuity, hard-won wilderness skills, and a desire for self-reliance are just a few of the things that draw so many to practice the art of bushcraft. Once handed down from one person to another, the art of bushcrafting and wilderness survival has grown on a much larger scale due to the reach of social media, which allows bushcrafters to challenge each other to accomplish more with their elaborate builds. Bush League (the current working title) strives to bring together those who consider themselves “wild artisans” in order to prove who is the ultimate master of their environment.

According to Movie Breaking News, over a seven-day build period bushcrafters will create a myriad of items, including tools, weapons, structures, and transportation. They will be required to use only a few basic and simple hand tools and whatever natural resources they can find. Once the builds are completed, Graham will judge their projects based on the four tenets of bushcraft: materials, craftsmanship, function, and livability.

The elite bush crafters will earn the bragging rights, the reputation, and the personal knowledge that they were able to adapt, overcome, and thrive in an unknown environment while crafting some of the most impressive creations from their own two hands and from what nature provided.

Will you be checking out this new series? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Bush League is set to debut sometime later in 2017, joining other survival-themed shows on Discovery’s lineup, including the Naked and Afraid franchise and Men, Women, Wild. Check back for further updates, including the air date and time for the premiere of Bush League.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]