Newt Gingrich: GOP Can't Compete If Hillary Clinton Runs In 2016

James Johnson

Newt Gingrich believes that the Republican party would be unable to defeat the Democrats should Hillary Clinton decided to run for President in 2016. Speaking on NBC's Meet The Press, the GOP member said of Clinton:

"The Republican party is incapable of competing at that level."
"First of all, she's very formidable as a person. She's a very competent person. She's married to the most popular Democrat in the country; they both think [it] would be good for her to be president. It makes it virtually impossible to stop her for the nomination."

A recent poll from the Washington Post agrees with that assessment. In the WP poll, 57 percent of respondents said they would throw their support behind Hillary Clinton should she run in 2016.

Many analysts believed that an Obama-Clinton ticket would have been impossible to beat. After a horrible showing during the 2012 Presidential elections, it now appears that many people believe the GOP would need to pull off a miracle to win in 2016.

Here's the Newt Gingrich video:

In the meantime, the Republican party is attempting to groom its next era of rising stars, candidates that could in 2016 include Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, and Chris Christie among others.

Do you think the current roster of GOP members could defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016?