‘DOOL’ Episode 6/20/17 Recap: Photo Of Candy Man Emerges, Is Nicole’s Goodbye To Holly Forever? [Spoilers]

Days of Our Lives episode 6/20/17 discloses a lot of new information to fans of the long-running daytime drama. The group who was stranded on the island have all been rescued and are safely on their way back to Salem. In fact, Jennifer was even able to speak with JJ for a short while, verifying his safety.

Things seem to be going well for Jennifer. Not only is her son JJ safe and on his way home, but Jennifer’s daughter Abby has also decided not to travel to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. Jennifer cannot wait to get to the Salem police department to share the good news with Hope.

Meanwhile, at the Salem police department, Hope expresses to Rafe that she wants nothing more than to see Deimos behind bars, paying for everything evil he has ever done. In an ironic twist, Rafe reminds her that getting the “Candy Man” and the drug halo off the streets of Salem takes top priority.

As disclosed by the Inquisitr, Days of Our Lives viewers found out a few weeks back that Deimos and the “Candy Man” are one in the same. Since that time, Days has been showing short clips of Deimos doing secret business regarding the distribution of halo.

Rafe brings in a contact named Rory whom he feels may flip on the “Candy Man.” Not only does Rory talk, but he also finds out where the lab is and snaps a photo of the “Candy Man” as he is entering into the lab. Rafe and Hope are both surprised to see that the photo is of Deimos. The only thing Hope and Rafe have left to do now is to prove that the photo was taken at the halo lab.

Jennifer heads to the Horton Center to see Eric and tell him about her good fortune. At this point, they discuss going out on another date. Eric gets a call from Nicole’s probation officer, warning him that Nicole will spend her hours of community service at the center. Eric heads out to talk to the judge and Brady.

While Eric is out, Jennifer finds a box of letters that Eric has written to Nicole as part of his 12 step program. When Eric returns, Jennifer confronts him about the letters. Eric attempts to defend himself, stating that he simply couldn’t find the words to express his deepest sorrow to Nicole. Jennifer fears that Eric’s feelings for Nicole are too deep and breaks off their budding relationship. Of course, as with most break-ups, Jennifer wishes to remain friends.

At this point, Days viewers sighed as Eric took a deep breath. While holding Jennifer’s hand, he told her that she has been the best friend he could have ever asked for. Before parting ways, Jennifer suggested he read the letters that he wrote to Nicole and be honest with himself and his true feelings.

Yesterday’s episode of Days of Our Lives left the story line of Jade and Tripp hanging, with Days viewers wondering whether or not Steve heard Tripp’s plan to destroy Kayla’s career.

Steve did hear that Kayla was going to be “surprised by the plan,” but Tripp and Jade’s true scheme was easily covered up with an impromptu “surprise” lunch, a lie that Jade fabricated on the spot for Steve.

Jade thanks Kayla for letting her stay for lunch and then holds Joey’s hand, throwing it in Kayla’s face. After lunch, Kayla confronts Joey telling him to throw Jade out of his life completely. Jade overhears the conversation and becomes even more determined to follow through with her and Tripp’s plan to “take Kayla down.”

Tripp consoles Jade saying that Kayla will finally pay for what she did to his mom, Ava. Kayla and Steve have no idea what is about to happen. If Jade and Tripp follow through with their plan, Kayla will end up behind bars for murder.

In episode 6/20/17 of Days of Our Lives, on the other side of town, Nicole runs into Chloe and Holly. Nicole hesitantly sits next to Chloe and strikes up an uncomfortable and forced conversation. They begin to talk about Holly and Chloe tells Nicole that she is teething and trying to crawl.

At this point in the Days episode, Chloe reveals that she is moving to New York and taking Parker and Holly with her. Nicole is speechless, struggling with the new information. Chloe reasons that it will be easier for Nicole. With Holly gone, she won’t have to watch someone else raise her child.

Chloe asks Nicole if she wants to hold Holly before she leaves. Nicole responds with a heartfelt “More than anything but that’s probably not a good idea. ‘Cause I wouldn’t be able to let her go.” Days of Our Lives viewers cried along with Nicole’s heart-wrenching scene, as she sat alone sobbing on the park bench.

At the end of Days of Our Lives episode 6/20/17, Brady is attempting to console a distraught Nicole. Someone comes to the door, and when Brady opens it, Chloe is standing there holding Holly in her arms. Days fans, what do you think this means for Nicole?

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for this week on Days of Our Lives. If you don’t want to read content that has not yet been aired, please do not continue to read.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week, as disclosed by SoapHub, state the following.

“Nicole thinks she’ll never see her daughter again. And then she’s stunned later on when Chloe thinks of Nicole and Holly and decides they need to be together.”

Of course, we know that things are never that easy. Days of Our Lives spoilers warn that there is more trouble coming.

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