BB19 House: Where Can You See The Big Brother Filming Location In Real Life?

Much has been written about the Big Brother 19 house: its secrets, technological innovations, and the house guests who will be living in it. But where, actually, is this luxurious mansion that doubles as something of a TV prison? The Inquisitr is here to help you out.

As you already probably suspected, there is no “Big Brother House” in the sense that you understand the word “house.” Unlike The Bachelor franchise, which, as real estate agency Berg Properties reports, is filmed at least partially in a real L.A.-area mansion, Big Brother is filmed in an L.A. studio. What’s more, despite the “homey” feel of the house, and its luxurious backyard, the “house” is actually in a rather mundane, industrial part of L.A.

As Utica, New York radio station WODZ reported back in 2013, when Big Brother 15 was going strong, the Big Brother “house” is located on Gunsmoke Avenue in L.A., just a hop, skip, and a jump from CBS Studio Center. Nearby streets are Mary Tyler Moore Avenue, My Three Sons Street, and Gilligan’s Island Road; clearly, this is a part of Tinseltown dominated by CBS. The location is surrounded by other industrial buildings, most likely CBS sound stages.

In the Google Maps photo embedded below, you can see the house’s back yard. The pool is either covered over or hadn’t yet been installed when the Google Maps satellite passed by.

What’s more, if you click this link, you can see a different shot of the Big Brother house, obviously taken at a different time, as you can tell by the fact that the pool area looks different; in the linked image, the back yard appears to have been set up for a game of some kind. NOTE: because Google Maps forbids embedding maps in commercial publications, the Inquisitr cannot embed the image. It’s unclear when either of the two images were taken.

At this point, it bears noting that you should absolutely not try to drive by and see the Big Brother filming location, for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you’re not going to see anything except the outside of an industrial building — an experience you can replicate at home by driving behind a grocery store or factory. For another reason, you’re quite likely to be shooed off by CBS’ security guards, as the network is adamant (to say the least) about keeping the house guests sequestered from interference from the outside world.

Big Brother 19 premieres Wednesday, June 28, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Photo]