MTV ‘The Challenge Dirty 30’ Premiere Date: Which Players Will Compete For The Largest Prize Ever?

The Challenge is returning to MTV for its 30th season, and contestants will be competing for the largest prize in the show’s long-running history. Which of MTV’s dirtiest plays will compete for the grand prize this year?

According to Deadline, The Challenge XX: Dirty 30 is set to premiere on July 18, and BMX star T.J. Lavin will be hosting once again. MTV has already promised that Season 30 will feature “the highest intensity competition to date.” A total of 30 contestants will be vying for the $1 million prize, including former stars of Road Rules, Are You the One?, and The Real World. The grand prize has almost doubled from last year, which was set at $350,000.

The upcoming season is based in South America, while previous years have been set in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, New Zealand, Panama, Thailand, Iceland, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Turkey. With the grand prize in the seven figure range, we can only imagine what the completion will be like this time around.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the competition will be fierce with Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Camila Nakagawa, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Ashley Mitchell, Derrick Kosinski, Darrell Taylor, Jordan Wiseley, Jenna Compono, Aneesa Ferriera, and Cara Maria Sorbello in the mix. We haven’t seen too many spoilers about the new season, but the trailer MTV showed at the ATX Television Festival made it clear that this will be one of the dirtiest seasons to date.

According to the Point After Show, there are plenty of reasons to root for your favorite contestant, especially given how many strong competitors are featured this season on The Challenge. Of course, there are also a few contestants who fans probably won’t be rooting for but should offer plenty of drama. This includes Ashley Mitchell, who is quickly becoming the new redneck of the series, and Jordan, who might be the biggest jerk of all time.

As far as predictions go, it’s hard to root against the reigning champion, CT. In fact, if this is the dirtiest season ever, then CT has a clear advantage. Not only is he good in a fight, but he’s also got the motivation and intelligence to pull off another victory. That said, Bananas, Derrick and Darrell aren’t going away without a fight and shouldn’t be ruled out. Further, it’s only a matter of time before Cara Maria pulls out a win, not to mention Jenna’s athleticism and Aneesa’s ability to play the political game.

MTV's Champs on 'The Challenge: Champs vs Underdogs.' [Image by MTV]

Apart from what the contestants bring to the table, Bar Stool Sports is reporting that we still don’t know the theme for the new season. Last year, MTV featured the Champs vs. Underdogs, which was actually a bit underwhelming for what it promised. Not only were the underdogs unlikable, but they also dominated the screen time. There’s no telling what the network has planned for the Dirty 30, but it probably can’t be any worse than last year.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that a lot of fans will be rooting for CT to win it all, especially given how high the stakes are this season. Either way, The Challenge XX: Dirty 30 is probably going to be the most competitive season to date and offer plenty of drama between contestants.

The Challenge XX: Dirty 30 is scheduled to premiere on MTV July 18.

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