‘Star Wars: Rogue One’: A Missionary Girl’s Story — Viral Video Reaction Of First-Time Viewer

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has come and gone, but some people may have been off-the-grid for a time. A missionary had been on a Latter Day Saints mission, where she had not only missed seeing the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens but also Rogue One. Facebook poster Stephen Smoot took great glory in posting his friend’s reaction to the ending of the Lucasfilm prequel movie.

Smoot shared that Mormon missionaries aren’t allowed to watch such things while they’re out serving, and when she finally came back, she was pleasantly surprised. One would imagine after having been deprived of such things for so long that her appreciation for this piece of Lucasfilm magic would be amplified, and indeed it was.

“This week my friend Brinley Vandenberghe returned from her mission. She is a HUGE Star Wars fan! But due to the timing of her mission call she missed seeing both Episode 7 and Rogue One. Last night a few of us got together and decided to watch them with her. Being the devoted fan that she is, Brinley was engaged in every minute of both films; laughing, crying, and cheering right on cue. This is her genuine reaction to the iconic scene involving Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One. Enjoy!”

Apparently, she’s a serious Star Wars fan, and from her reaction and hand gestures, you could evidently see she was making a connection between that movie and 1977’s A New Hope. This connection really tickles the nostalgia bone for those who were old enough to see the flick. Smoot had shared it across YouTube and Facebook, as well as on Reddit.

Star Wars Rogue One reaction
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Later on, EverythingFunny 1’s YouTube channel edited it to do a screen-on-screen of the movie’s ending as a thumbnail in the lower right-hand corner. This put things in sync to the viewer and provides a better perspective on what she was reacting to.

As you can see, she’s wiping away the tears just after the beach side scene with Jyn and Cassian in a final embrace. This was after the test of the Death Star station. Finally, enter Darth Vader and his entourage toward the Rebel ship.

So far, the screen-on-screen version has reached over 1 million views.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story obviously impressed the subject of this viral video and has probably reinforced the fandom even further. The spirit of this personally collaborated franchise indeed proves that Lucasfilm is having an impact on the community. Other anthology films are moving forward as the continuing saga of final trilogy saunters forth in an effort to give closure to all nine films.

Star Wars Rogue One Viral Video Reaction
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How did you feel when Darth Vader made his entrance while illuminating the darkened hall of the Rebel ship, with his breathing proceeding the onslaught?

[Featured Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]