James Kennedy Confirms Lisa Vanderpump Has Hired Him Back: Will He Return To ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

James Kennedy has been on Vanderpump Rules for a couple of seasons and fans are learning that he clearly has a problem. Kennedy can’t control his drinking, which gets him into trouble with his co-stars and Lisa Vanderpump. James has been violent, he has pushed people, and he has made a fool of himself. He has lost jobs and friends because of his drinking. However, he promised Lisa Vanderpump that he would clean up his act, but he may have been too slow as she fired him on the previous season of Vanderpump Rules. However, it sounds like he may be turning his life around, as he’s back with Lisa at SUR.

According to a new tweet, James Kennedy is now revealing that he is DJing at SUR again after being fired from the establishment last year. While James was filming Vanderpump Rules, he learned that his drinking was putting his professional image at risk and Vanderpump fired him from the establishment. While he worked hard to get back into her graces, Kennedy was forced to work elsewhere to pay his bills. However, he recently shared a video on Twitter, hinting that he was going to be DJing at SUR and then asking fans to stop by to hear him perform.

Of course, many of James Kennedy’s co-stars don’t want anything to do with him. They feel he is too irresponsible and will say anything to cause a commotion. However, maybe Kennedy realizes that his career is important and that drinking does nothing but ruin everything for him. Lisa Vanderpump has tried to help both him and Lala Kent, as they have become good friends. While Lala has announced that she was leaving Vanderpump Rules last year, it sounds like James wants to continue with the show. He has also become great friends with Scheana Marie after she announced her divorce from Mike Shay.

On a personal level, James Kennedy is still dating Raquelle even though he may have cheated on her. It sounds like she has forgiven him for his infidelity, even though many Vanderpump Rules fans felt that he would do it again. However, since he’s back at SUR, he may be changing his ways.

What do you think of James Kennedy’s tweet about being back at SUR? Are you excited to see if he has changed on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules?

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DailyMail.com]