June 20, 2017
'RHOP' Star Karen Huger Breaks Her Silence About Supposed Financial Troubles

Karen Huger didn't tell her Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars that she was packing up her Potomac home and downsizing. Huger and her husband, Ray, decided to move out of Potomac and find another home where they could start the next chapter of their lives. While Huger has revealed that they wanted to move out because they wanted a smaller home, her co-stars questioned whether she was running out of money or possibly facing personal bankruptcy. On the show, none of the ladies wanted to ask Karen Huger about her personal finances, as it is her business.

But behind her back, it sounds like her co-stars had plenty of questions about her new life. Why didn't she tell them about the move? Why didn't she let them in about where she would be locating. According to a new Bravo report, Karen Huger spoke about the accusation that she's facing personal bankruptcy and that she and her husband have financial issues.

Huger has called herself the grand dame of Potomac, but she wants to keep her title even though she's not living in Potomac anymore. Her co-stars are wondering if she's delusional or if she's lying about her personal finances. When Bravo asked her about her personal finances and how she reacted when she heard her co-stars talking about her, she didn't outright deny having money issues.

"Marriage is real work but the benefits of having that person you can call when the girls roll up and ambush you in your restaurant, or to share your innermost thoughts with, well, that is priceless. She has her hands full. Apparently, she still has not learned her lesson about putting her nose into other people's finances. I may have to ask Robyn Dixon to get her straight about dipping her nose where it doesn't belong if she keeps it up," Karen Huger told Bravo about her co-stars.

It is very interesting that Karen Huger is deflecting her personal money problems onto her Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars, sharing that she thinks her co-stars need to focus on their own marital and financial troubles. Karen doesn't actually touch upon her own financial situation, which could hint that maybe she does have some troubles. She has often talked about her husband being "the black Bill Gates," but it sounds like he may be facing some troubles, possibly due to a lower income or overspending.

What do you think of Karen Huger's comments about her co-stars? Are you surprised that she doesn't actually set the record straight about her financial situation, possibly because her co-stars could hold it against her later if she lies?

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]