Josh And Anna Duggar’s Son Suffers An Emergency, Taken To The Hospital On ‘Counting On’

Josh and Anna Duggar’s 4-year-old son, Marcus, got seriously injured during last night’s episode of Counting On.

Anna Duggar got quite a bit of screen time on the June 19 episode of Counting On, but her storyline was a scary one. Because her husband has been banned from starring on the Duggar family’s TLC series, Anna doesn’t appear on Counting On as often as she did on the Duggars’ canceled show, 19 Kids and Counting. However, she got a chance to get back in front of the TLC cameras when two of her sisters-in-law, Jill and Jessa Duggar, invited her to go to a consignment store with them. Unfortunately, as the Duggar Family Blog reports, their shopping trip ended in disaster when one of Anna’s sons had to be rushed to the hospital.

Anna, Jill, and Jessa had six kids among the three of them at the time the Counting On episode was filmed, and they decided to take the entire bunch to a consignment store sale to go bargain hunting. The moms were mainly looking for children’s clothing, so they took all the kids’ measurements before they left. They even made ink prints of all the youngest kids’ feet to make it easier to find used shoes for the little ones.

“The midwife would definitely know how to get a baby’s footprint,” said Anna while Jill Duggar was pressing 1-year-old Spurgeon’s inked-up foot onto a piece of paper.

Shopping with half a dozen kids in tow proved to be a major challenge, especially since Spurgeon and Israel were cranky from missing nap time. Anna Duggar was trying to sort through clothing with one hand while carrying her youngest, 1-year-old Meredith, in her other arm. She was also struggling to push her two sons — Michael, 6, and Marcus, 4 — around in a stroller as she browsed the store.

“It is a challenge to shop with children,” Anna later told the Counting On cameras.

Anna Duggar was telling her oldest daughter, 7-year-old Mackynzie, that she wanted to buy her a winter coat when disaster struck; Marcus had wandered off, and somehow he fell and hit his head. He split it open, and blood was gushing from the wound on his forehead.

“Oh my goodness, we’ve got an emergency on our hands,” Anna said when she saw her crying son on the ground.

“It was a very difficult moment as a mom, because you’re always like, ‘How did this happen? I was right there.'”

“Right away I knew that I needed to go to the doctor, and I needed Jill’s help. She’s a midwife, and she can handle blood,” Anna told the Counting On cameras after the incident.

The worried mom covered up Marcus’ cut with her hand, and she rushed him out of the store. Jill Duggar rode with the Anna and Marcus to the hospital, but she said that she wasn’t too concerned about the large amount of blood leaking from her nephew’s head. Jill explained that she used to volunteer as a first responder with her local fire department, and she was used to seeing a lot of blood. She also said that it’s common for head wounds to bleed more than wounds on other parts of the body.

Anna and Jill left Jessa Duggar at the consignment sale with five kids, and she finished shopping. Jessa later praised her sister-in-law for staying cool and collected while dealing with Marcus’ emergency.

“Anna handled the situation very well. She just applied pressure to his head and took him out to the car, and she was like, ‘All right. We’re going to go get stitched up,'” Jessa said. “She was very calm.”

Jessa later reassured Anna that she was a “good mom.” Marcus ended up needing stitches, but the doctor said that he didn’t suffer a concussion. The little boy was in good spirits when he arrived at his grandparents’ house with a bandage wrapped around his head and a milkshake in hand.

“I got stitches,” he proudly told his Aunt Jessa.

Keeping an eye on four kids is difficult enough, but Anna Duggar will soon have a fifth little one to worry about. As In Touch Weekly reports, she and Josh Duggar announced that they were expecting back in March, so Anna’s due date is likely sometime this fall.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]