‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Is Amy Roloff Taking A Jab At Matt, As She Gushes About Zach And Jackson?

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff’s world has become a lot bigger following the birth of Zach’s son, baby Jackson. In a recent post, the TLC reality star talked about fatherhood and gushed about Zach and his relationship with baby Jackson. Is she taking a jab at her ex-husband, Matt Roloff?

Everyone from Little People, Big World has become smitten with the latest member of their family, baby Jackson. In a recent post on Instagram, Amy Roloff greeted her son, Zach, with a happy Father’s Day and said that she is proud to see the man and the kind of father that he has become.

Amy wrote in her caption that this is Zach’s first celebration of Father’s Day. The Little People, Big World star continued and said that there are “lots of wonderful Fathers out there” and mentioned her own father and her son, Zach, as perfect examples of fatherhood.

Several fans noticed that Amy has seemingly left out her ex-husband, Matt, from her Father’s Day greeting. This led to speculations that Amy still hasn’t moved on from her past struggles with Matt, especially now that he has found love with Caryn, and is taking a jab at him as a father to their children.


On the latest episode of Little People, Big World, Amy admitted that she was struggling with the fact that Caryn is Matt’s new girlfriend. Amy said that she found it “awkward” knowing that his new girlfriend is her friend and employee at the farm.

“It’s a little awkward with someone who works on the farm, is your employee, and also is a friend. It’s like the Twilight Zone! I’m still grappling with that fact.”

Despite this awkward setup between the former married couple, both Amy and Matt continue to work together on the farm and help their grandson, Jackson, grow up in a loving environment. As Matt told People in an interview, he feels blessed to welcome the addition of Jackson to the Roloff family. Matt said that the birth of Jackson has kept their farm “alive and well.”

Despite the fact that Jackson was born with a form of dwarfism, achondroplasia, Matt shared his hopes to see Jackson create a lot of wonderful memories while growing up. Zach also shared during the same interview that he plans on raising Jackson with a strong mentality by giving him a lot of encouragement.

Do you think Amy Roloff’s latest post is a jab at her ex-husband, Matt Roloff?

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