‘Big Brother’ Winner Dr. Will Kirby Targets ‘BB18’ Michelle Meyer In A Hilarious Twitter Beef, See The Tweets!

Big Brother 2 winner, Dr. Will Kirby started a Twitter beef with BB18 Michelle Meyers over a tweet he posted about the previous players believing that they are experts at the game. He added that if they were as big of experts as they believe, they would have won the game, instead of being sent to the jury house.

Of course, Big Brother’s Michelle Meyer had to reply and tried to stand up for herself, and it backfired in a big way.

The Big Brother fans were divided how they felt about the Twitter beef. Many pointed out that Dr. Will played Big Brother many years ago and the game has changed. Others enjoyed Will giving Meech a hard time, especially after it appeared that his comments were getting to her.

Dr. Will posted that Michelle owed an apology to everyone who has played, applied or watched Big Brother. He added that she was terrible at playing the game. He promptly posted a survey (which has been deleted) to ask his followers to decide who Michelle needs to apologize to the Big Brother producers, houseguests, viewers, or all of the above. Almost 80 percent of 2,239 voters selected all of the above.

Michelle suggested that Will would delete his tweets within five minutes. The Big Brother alum removed his offensive comments, but not before calling her a cry baby and a boring player.

Michelle fired back by calling him old and accused him of getting too many Botox injections.

Michelle’s fans stayed by her side, defending her to Will, firing insults right back at the Big Brother winner. Of course, their insults didn’t phase Kirby as he continued to poke at Meyer’s and her followers.

Kirby deleted his tweets and polls admitting that he was only having fun with Michelle. He wanted to see if there was a Big Brother alum that he could bait into a Twitter war.

Meyer’s called him out and said that as predicted, he deleted his tweets, implying that he was only trying to get under her skin.

The showdown with Dr. Will apparently hit a nerve with Meyers as she locked her Twitter account.

Big Brother fans, did you see the Twitter beef between Dr. Will and Michelle Meyer? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Big Brother 19 returns June 28 on CBS.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]