Pot Brownies Land University Of Colorado Students Behind Bars [Video]

Two University of Colorado students who gave pot brownies to unsuspecting classmates are now facing felony charges, according to the Denver Post.

The students allegedly passed out the marijuana laced treats during their history class. As the effects of the brownies set in, a handful of students began complaining of dizzy and extreme sleepiness. Some of the victims reportedly blacked out during the ordeal.

When all was said and done, the history professor and two students were hospitalized. Five others were reportedly sickened by the prank.

“Anybody who thinks this is cute, anybody who thinks this was funny, is going to face pretty serious sanctions, both criminally and potentially within the student conduct process,” a University of Colorado spokesperson explained.

The Associated Press explains that 21-year-old Thomas Ricardo Cunningham and 19-year-old Mary Elizabeth Essa were arrested for giving their fellow students pot brownies. In addition to two counts of conspiracy, the pair are being charged with suspicion of second-degree assault and inducing the consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means.

University of Colorado police spokesperson Ryan Huff said the pot brownie incident could land the pair behind bars.

“Putting marijuana into a food product and providing it to someone without their knowledge … is something we take very seriously,” Huff said.

According to the Daily Mail, all of the people who were hospitalized have been released. None of the victims are expected to experience any long-term effects from the brownies.

It’s currently unknown how University of Colorado officials will handle the situation. Reports indicate Cunningham and Essa could be suspended or expelled from the school for passing out the questionable treats during their history class.

Given the criticisms the state has faced following the legalization of marijuana, this sort of story will only add fuel to the fire.

What do you think should happen to the University of Colorado students who gave their unsuspecting classmates pot brownies?