Another Women's 'Money In The Bank' Match Happening On Free Television After Carmella's Controversial Win

Last night at WWE Money in the Bank, Carmella became the first ever Miss Money in the Bank after James Ellsworth climbed the ladder himself and dropped the briefcase into her lap. Understandably, WWE fans are unhappy about the ending since it was the first Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match in WWE history. However, there is already a plan in place to fix Carmella's controversial win after last night's PPV.

Almost immediately after the end of the match, SmackDown Live's General Manager Daniel Bryan made it clear that he will have a solution ready to go for the WWE Universe when he returns to "the blue brand" this Tuesday night. Daniel Bryan is expected to make an announcement regarding plans for WWE SummerSlam, but his announcement about the Women's Money in the Bank briefcase will result in more WWE history.

It's been reported that WWE officials are planning another Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match that will be featured during an upcoming edition of SmackDown Live. The biggest reason why WWE officials are planning the rematch is to help provide a ratings boost for SmackDown Live over the next couple of weeks.

Carmella Won the MITB Contract at the PPV
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On paper, WWE officials giving away a Money in the Bank Ladder Match on free television isn't a good idea, but the powers that be aren't concerned with giving away the match because WWE PPVs don't cost as much as $50 anymore. The hope is it'll bring in a boost in ratings for "the blue brand" and allow the WWE Universe to see a proper Money in the Bank winner in the Women's division. The big question over the next few weeks will be regarding who will become the true Miss Money in the Bank on SmackDown Live.

Money in the Bank Contract Will Be Up For Grabs On SmackDown Live
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Obviously, Carmella and James Ellsworth winning the briefcase legitimately would not only add some heat to the dynamic duo, but they would truly have bragging rights in the Women's division to say that Carmella actually won the match twice. However, WWE officials also have the chance to change their mind if they are looking to out the Money in the Bank briefcase in the hands of another woman on SmackDown Live soon.

If WWE officials do want to change their minds, there are many options. The Ravishing Russian is expected to receive a huge push despite failing to win the SmackDown Women's Title last night as well. Both Natalya and Becky Lynch were both heavily rumored to win the briefcase heading into the PPV. The possibility for one more Money in the Bank Ladder Match coming to SmackDown opens up several interesting outcomes.

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