LG Sells 10 Million Optimus L-Series Phones

LG on Sunday announced that it has exceed 10 million sales units for its LG Optimus-L series smartphones. The company credits its ability to create unique smartphones that do not conform to the standard “me too” styling found via Samsung, Apple, and HTC smartphone devices.

The company’s device sales arrive from some of its more popular smartphone designs including the Optimus L3 (3.2-inch display), Optimus L5 (4.0-inch display), and Optimus L7 (4.3-inch display)

Each of the smartphones were first introduced at the Mobile World Con-gress (MWC) in 2012, and they were followed by the Optimus L9 (4.7-inch display).

According to LG:

“[Our] design philosophy is comprised of five aesthetic elements: Modern Square Style for a comfortable grip, Floating Mass Technology for a slimmer look, Seamless Layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys, Harmonized Design Contrast utilizing metallic accents and Sensuous Slim Shape that draws one’s gaze to the unique form factor.”

Speaking of the company’s milestone, Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company, notes:

“This milestone demonstrates the importance of delivering smartphones with stylish design, comparative size of display and enhanced UX features … Whereas other manufacturers are putting all their eggs into a one-size-fits-all phone, our strategy is to develop mobile products for all types of customers according to their individual needs and lifestyles.”

LG’s L-Series of phones also includes UX features such as QuickMemo and QTranslator.

LG sells its smartphones in 50 markets around the world, and the company recently unveiled its first ever Google Nexus branded smartphone.